Busy Gamer Podcast 64 - E3 2011 Highlights, L.A. Noire and the music of Grand Theft Auto

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Busy Gamer Podcast

Our most epic episode yet, and it's still well under half an hour:

  • E3 2011: The top 3 press conferences with Xbox 360 Kinect, Halo and next dashboard update features, the PlayStation Vita announcement and other news from Sony (including your formal downtime apology!) and Nintendo's Wii U, the Zelda orchestra and other surprises
  • Our L.A. Noire audio review
  • The music of Grand Theft Auto, from humble beginnings to the resonant Russian pop of GTA IV (and some joke ads too)
All of that podcast goodness is delivered in a tight package - about 25 minutes - which you can enjoy during even short commutes!

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