Game Releases - Motorstorm Apocalypse, Thor: God of Thunder, Crazy Machines, Word Puzzles, Zenonia 3 and 7th Guest: Infection

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Thor: God of ThunderMotorstorm ApocalypseHere is the complete list of games due for release this week for PC/Mac, portables and consoles (plus some recent releases that slipped out when we weren't looking):

  • Android: Among the Dead, Fairy Cubes, Guerrilla Bob THD (Tegra 2), Iron Fist Boxing, Legends of Yore, World of Warcraft Remote App guild chat update and Zenonia 3
  • 3DS: Thor: God of Thunder
  • DS: Anonymous Notes Chapter 2: From The Abyss (DSiWare), Challenge Me: Word Puzzles, Ikibago (DSiWare), The Mysterious Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Picture Perfect Pocket Stylist (DSiWare), ThinkSmart: Crazy Machines, Thor: God of Thunder and Word Up
  • iPhone/iPad: The 7th Guest: Infection, Burn it All, Caveman, Destructopus!, Galaxy On Fire 2 Valkyrie add-on, Gears, Order & Chaos Online, Soccer Superstars 2011 Pro, Snuggle Truck, Streets of Rage 3, Unpleasant Horse and Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story
  • Mac: None
  • PC: 18 Wheels of Steel: Exteme Trucker, Challenge Me: Word Puzzles and History: Great Battles Medieval
  • PS3: Motorstorm Apocalypse and Thor: God of Thunder
  • PS2: None
  • PSP: None
  • Wii: Bingo Party Deluxe (WiiWare), Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2, Challenge Me: Word Puzzles, Rival Turf! (Virtual Console), ThinkSmart: Crazy Machines and Thor: God of Thunder
  • Windows Phone 7: Alchemic Phone 7, Casino Carded, Escape, Hypership Out of Control, Infinite Flight, Jewel 3, Murphid, Orbi7er, Pitfall!, Pool Plus Friends, Space Tube, Spritestone, Walls & Balls and Warp
  • Xbox 360: Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury (Arcade), History: Great Battles Medieval, Moon Diver (Arcade) and Thor: God of Thunder

So, what will you be picking up - or is this week a pass? Any games we missed? Anything slip (as these almost inevitably do)? Please let us know...

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