Free Stuff Friday - Meteos, Sonic Rush and Metroid Prime: Hunters


Metroid Prime: HuntersSonic RushMeteosIt's been awhile since we've shown the Nintendo DS some attention, and what better way to get you warmed up for Black Friday?

Here are the three games you're sure to want to fill in your collection or share with a friend or family member:

  • Meteos. This action puzzle game is great solo or with a friend. We picked up two copies so we could play each other over WiFi! Yeah, you can be sure that we're hanging on to one of them.
  • Sonic Rush. It's Sonic! If you're a fan and haven't played this, well, there are rings yet to be collected just waiting for you.
  • Metroid Prime Hunters. If you're a Samus and/or first-person shooter fan, this is a rare entry that offers both - in a nice portable package. The game got rave reviews and packs a lot of content into that little cartridge.

Here's how to enter and boost your odds to win one or more of these great games:

  1. Enter a comment here, as usual. That's all you really NEED to do. Be sure to pick which game(s) you are playing for!
  2. Tweet the following on Twitter: Win Meteos, Metroid Prime Hunters & Sonic Rush for DS at, home of Busy Gamer Podcast: #bgnfsf
  3. Review (or re-review) our Busy Gamer Podcast on iTunes.
  4. Review (or re-review) the Best of Busy Gamer Podcast on iTunes. This is a short audio highlights feed with our reviews, audio tours and other timeless bits!

If you do 2, 3 and/or 4 (and why wouldn't you?), you do need to let us know your Twitter/iTunes name(s) in your comment so we can find, verify and include your bonus entries in the drawing and match them up to contact you if one of them wins. If we can't easily tell who you are on Twitter and/or iTunes, the bonus entry is disqualified.

You DO have to enter a comment here and follow the other rules to be eligible:

Simply post a comment on this page AND DO SAY WHICH GAME(S) YOU ARE PLAYING FOR. (You can do the other things listed above if you want to earn some extra chances to win.) Say whatever is on your mind as long as it's not an ad or profane. Be sure to read the Sweepstakes Rules to ensure you are eligible to win and don't get disqualified by double-posting or forgetting to provide an e-mail address.

NOTE: If you play for extra chances on Twitter or by posting podcast reviews on iTunes, you still have to enter here AND let us know your Twitter and/or iTunes names so we can match you up. iTunes ratings alone do not count since we can't see who posted them, so add or update a comment! (If you already posted an iTunes review, you can still update your review once a week for a bonus entry in each week's giveaway. Just log in to iTunes and click Write a Review; it should load your existing review and let you modify it. Check to ensure that it appears on top with the new date!)

You may also want to white list this domain; we've had MANY would-be winners lose out because they never responded to their prize notification! If you use TypeKey/TypePad, be sure your e-mail address will be shared. No e-mail address, no prize. (Don't worry, no one else will see it - and we'll only use it to contact you if you win.)

Note that unless you're an authenticated poster who has been active on the site and marked as trusted, your comment will NOT appear immediately. It will go into a queue for me to approve, which I'll do several times a day (except the first weekend, where comments may not be approved until sometime late on Sunday). Do NOT double-post. We'll extend the entry period for this until 8:01 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 24 to ensure you have plenty of time to enter and verify your entry was posted.

We also sometimes give away unannounced Instant Win prizes and podcast extras (we're overdue!). Here are a few tips since this can happen at any time. Check our Busy Gamer Podcast on Sundays for possible hints about what's coming. Follow Gamewatcher on Twitter. Before we post the next Free Stuff Bonus - Instant Win, we'll give you a fair warning tweet. 2) Subscribe to our RSS feed and set it to check for updates frequently.

We continue to stock up on cool goodies for Free Stuff Friday - and we will keep doing so as long as there's enough response, even if we continue to lose money on this site. So tell your friends about this! Hey, if we get bigger, so will the prizes that YOU could win! While you're at it, post comments wherever you see something interesting. Also, if you get a game code you don't need or have some other cool game-related prize you want to donate, we'd be very grateful (we pay for much of this stuff ourselves!).



I want to try to win Meteos or Sonic Rush. Thanks!


I don't have a DS atm, but I am picking up a 3DS when it comes out. In for Sonic Rush!


If I win these I can stop playing zoo keeper.


Rolling for a shot.

I'm up for winning any of the prizes.


all 3 games sound like fun!


I'm playing for Meteos, Sonic Rush, and Metroid Prime Hunters.
Twitter: AimWill


I'd really be quite happy with any of these games!


I'm in for Metroid Prime Hunters. I just started playing the trilogy on Wii and I want to see how it stands up on the DS.


I want to play for Metroid Prime Hunters. Sweet competition!


I'm in for Sonic Rush.


In for Sonic and Meteos


Yay! I love my DS and I'm always looking for more games. I'm going for all 3!

Thanks for the free stuff opportunity!


playing for metroid prime hunters, man!


Playing for all three! They're all great games!


Would like to win Meteos.


Thanks for the chance to win Metroid Prime Hunters :)


In for metroid prime hunters


I'm in for either Sonic Rush or Meteos, but if I'm only allowed to play for one, I'll play for Sonic Rush. Thanks!


Put me down for Meteos! Thanks for the opportunity!


If I had to pick, I'd play for Metroid Prime: Hunters. But I plan to play for all three! Great contest, and thanks!

Twitter: secretclean


i want all three


Two entries for Meteos. Will make an okay gift.

Twitter: @the_Bigandtasty


In for either Metroid or Meteos, twitter name is deadbodyman11


Since I have played all the games on the list before I have to go for Sonic Rush since it is my favorite game listed. Actually all the games listed are fun. The DS I had came with Meteos so all in for Sonic.

Twitter: @ropes


As always, you guys rock for doing these contests. I'm in for Meteos.


2 for Meteos. please and thank you


I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for Meteos. I'm a fan of puzzle games but I just missed this one. ALso


@James Campbell
Zoo Keeper? lol that's classic my man. Classic. Even more old school than these three classic gems. If you're looking for bejeweled (and quite frankly I think we all need a version of bejeweled on /every/ platform we own) Zoo Keeper is passable but let me be honest that's the ONLY game in my collection that I think I would trade in. Not even counting Puzzle Quest, I'm sure that it's been redone and better. Thus making it and say.. scribblenauts among the few, very very few, redundant games in the library.

I'm playing for MP: Hunters. I keep forgetting if I've rebought it yet since losing the demo and the game twice.

You know what scratch all that. If you will allow me, let me play for Meteos and if I win give it to James Campbell. Meteos is up there with Geometry Wars Galaxies, and Super Smash Bros Melee as one of the few games so addictive I completed every unlockable and still play. I actually lost it and rebought it and I'm unlocking everything again.


I'll for Metroid, thanks!

Twitter and ITunes are the same name! :)


id be happy with any one of these three
twitter aznxchunky


I'd love to get Sonic Rush. I played it once for a short time, loved it, and never got to play anymore =( I'd love to play the game all the way through!


Awesome giveaway. I just got a DS about a week ago and don't any games for it yet, so I'm hoping I'll win something here. :-D Any of the three would be nice, but if I had my pick I'd go with Metroid.

Twitter name: BitLooter


Hmmmm MPH or Sonic...Already have a bunch of Sonic games so I'm gonna be in it for MPH
Twitter : DeaVAmp



id like to enter for metroid and sonic


in for meteos or sonic rush
twitter - emperor922


I'd be happy with winning any one of these games! I'd be even happier winning all 3!! :)


Would like to win Sonic or metroid, already have meteos, which is a great game, btw.


Hey they never say it is to late to enter last minute huh? Or more like with a few hours to spare at least haha.

I've tweeted the post, and my twitter is Koga88 and did a little review of the Busy Gamer Podcast under the same name Koga88.

If I do manage to win then I would definitely prefer Sonic Rush as my first choice. But if that is already gone then Metroid would be a great follow up game.




Taking a chance at SONIC RUSH.

Personally don't own a DS, but it would be for my friend's little brother.

I have always been a Mario fan, muaha. :)

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