Tips (and Stupid Marketing Tricks) - Rock Band 3 launch details

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Rock Band 3 Rock Band 3 had a bumpy launch this week due to downtime for the game's supporting Web site (which Harmonix for some insane reason decided to take down for upgrades the day before instead of the week before launch), used to redeem certain codes and deliver information about the more complicated aspects of the game. But it's live now, and here's what you should know:

  • Song packs aren't offered directly from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace (at least not this week) - you have to get them via the in-game store. This means if you want the three free pro mode songs by The Doors offered as a launch week bonus, you have to buy or at least borrow a copy of the game. (In our case, it meant cracking open a holiday present early - now we have an open copy of the game we can't touch for nearly two months!)
  • Starting next week, expect to pay an extra dollar for the pro mode guitar parts (you can still pay regular price for the song with the "toy" guitar note charts and upgrade your songs later if you get a pro guitar).
  • If you want to export Rock Band 2 songs for use in Rock Band 3, you'll need $10 and the code from your Rock Band 2 manual that you probably used to get your 20 free bonus tracks. On Xbox 360, redeem your old code directly in the Rock Band 3 game under Get More Songs. Wii owners will get a token under Previously Redeemed Codes automatically if Rock Band 2 saved data is detected; use this on the Get More Songs screen. PS3 owners need to enter your PlayStation 3 code online to get a token to redeem under Get More Songs in the game.

    You will get all BUT these songs for $10:

    • "Let There Be Rock" by AC/DC
    • "Any Way You Want It" by Journey
    • "Battery" by Metallica
    • "Give It Away" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • "Spoonman" by Soundgarden
    • Nine Rock Band 2 indy tracks are missing too, but they will be made available for free download later
  • Lego Rock Band tracks can be exported to Rock Band 3 using the single-use code provided in the Lego Rock Band manual and paying $10 on Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network (no Wii exports). If you already did this for Rock Band 2, you don't have to do it again. Enter your code online to get a token for your console. Note: When I tried this, I received an error: "Something’s Wrong! We’re sorry, but we’re temporarily out of download tokens. Please check back with us soon!"
  • If you have any problem finding an export code for a game you own, or you get an error like I did above, contact They're not being very responsive, but they are supposed to be able to eventually help.
  • To unlock in-game guitars (offered as "preorder bonuses" at some retailers such as, you can enter these codes at the main menu using a guitar controller:
    • Ovation D-2010: Orange, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Blue, Orange, Blue
    • Guild X-79: Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Blue

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