Free Stuff Friday - PlayStation 2 10th Anniversary Edition: SSX snowboarding, Indigo Prophecy and Tales of Legendia


Tales of Legendia Indigo Prophecy SSX This week marked the 10-year anniversary of the PlayStation 2, and to celebrate we have a trio of classic PS2 games for you to win!

There's PS2 launch title SSX, the snowboarding game that paved the way for many great sequels. We have Heavy Rain's ancestor, Indigo Prophecy, which re-invented interactive storytelling. And a Japanese RPG from Namco donated by Ballardgirl1: Tales of Legendia.

You can play for one, two or all three prizes! Here's how to enter and boost your odds to win:

  1. Enter a comment here, as usual. That's all you really NEED to do.
  2. Tweet the following on Twitter: Celebrate 10 years of PS2 w SSX, Indigo Prophecy & Tales of Legendia at! RT + enter here: #bgnfsf
  3. Review (or re-review) our Busy Gamer Podcast on iTunes.
  4. Review (or re-review) the Best of Busy Gamer Podcast on iTunes. This is a short audio highlights feed with our reviews, audio tours and other timeless bits.

If you do 2, 3 and/or 4 (and why wouldn't you?), you do need to let us know your Twitter/iTunes name(s) in your comment so we can find, verify and include your bonus entries in the drawing and match them up to contact you if one of them wins. If we can't easily tell who you are on Twitter and/or iTunes, the bonus entry is disqualified.

You DO have to enter a comment here and follow the other rules to be eligible:

Simply post a comment on this page. YOU MUST INCLUDE WHICH PRIZE(S) YOU ARE PLAYING FOR! (You can do the other things listed above if you want to earn some extra chances to win.) Say whatever is on your mind as long as it's not an ad or profane. Be sure to read the Sweepstakes Rules to ensure you are eligible to win and don't get disqualified by double-posting or forgetting to provide an e-mail address.

NOTE: If you play for extra chances on Twitter or by posting podcast reviews on iTunes, you still have to enter here AND let us know your Twitter and/or iTunes names so we can match you up. iTunes ratings alone do not count since we can't see who posted them, so add or update a comment! (If you already posted an iTunes review, you can still update your review once a week for a bonus entry in each week's giveaway. Just log in to iTunes and click Write a Review; it should load your existing review and let you modify it. Check to ensure that it appears on top with the new date.)

You may also want to white list this domain; we've had MANY would-be winners lose out because they never responded to their prize notification! If you use TypeKey/TypePad, be sure your e-mail address will be shared. No e-mail address, no prize. (Don't worry, no one else will see it - and we'll only use it to contact you if you win.)

Note that unless you're an authenticated poster who has been active on the site and marked as trusted, your comment will NOT appear immediately. It will go into a queue for me to approve, which I'll do several times a day (except the first weekend, where comments may not be approved until sometime late on Sunday). Do NOT double-post. We'll extend the entry period for this until 6:01 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 3 to ensure you have plenty of time to enter and verify your entry was posted.

We also sometimes give away unannounced Instant Win prizes and podcast extras. Here are a few tips since this can happen at any time. Check our Busy Gamer Podcast on Sundays for possible hints about what's coming. Follow Gamewatcher on Twitter. Before we post the next Free Stuff Bonus - Instant Win, we'll give you a fair warning tweet. 2) Subscribe to our RSS feed and set it to check for updates frequently.

We continue to stock up on cool goodies for Free Stuff Friday - and we will keep doing so as long as there's enough response, even if we continue to lose money on this site. So tell your friends about this! Hey, if we get bigger, so will the prizes that YOU could win! While you're at it, post comments wherever you see something interesting. Also, if you get a game code you don't need or have some other cool game-related prize you want to donate, we'd be very grateful (we pay for much of this stuff ourselves!).



Nice contest, hope to win Indigo Prophecy and Tales of Legendia. Also tweeted it, twitter: Xeminda.


Tales of Legendia
twitter: xenoea


sweet contest yet again, im in it for Tales :)



I am interested in Tales of Legendia

Tweeted as @ropes on twitter.


gonna go for either ssx or tales
twitter - emperor922


Indigo Prophecy entry please


Thanks for the contest. I'm in for SSX


thanks for the contest I'd love Indigo Prophecy
twitter: chesypoof


In for Indigo Prophecy.


Nice contest guys, I'm in for Tales of Legendia.

twitter: qwikciphers


i'm down for tales.. and tails actually.


I'm in, I love SSX 3 so SSX 2 would be my preference- @icecreamsoup on twit.ter


In for Indigo Prophecy x2!
Twitter: BossVersion1


Thanks for the contest. I'm in for Tales.


Man I wish EA would make another SSX game. SSX Tricky and 3 were awesome.


Entering for Indigo Prophecy this time, twitter name is deadbodyman11.


Indigo please.

Tweeted as @looocas


I would love to win Indigo Prophecy! Thanks a bunch for giving us a chance to win!

Twitter: Revixe06


Twitter: Hot_Waffles

Tales of Legendia.

Great contest to remember, for myself, the greatest console generation. I remember getting a PS2 for my twelfth birthday, and renting Tekken Tag Tournament, Zone of the Enders, and Dark Cloud. So many amazing games came out for the PS2, and I continue to work on my collection. I'll never forget it for giving me Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Tony Hawk 3, and an endless plethora of great times.


In for Tales and Indigo! Thanks!


Playing for Tales of Legendia and Indigo Prophecy!

Thanks for the contest!

Twitter: @MaliciousHobo


hope i win tales of legendia. I loved tales of phantasia, tales of destiny, and tales of destiny 2 (aka tales of eternia)


Everybody's asking for Tales of Legendia :( I'm gonna ask for it to! I've played every other Tales game in the US but never picked it up... Here's my chance! Also tweeting @EeveeFanboy.


I want to win an Indigo Prophecy PS2 please! I already entered in.


Playing for Tales of Legendia!

PS2 is legend, and is considered one of my favorite gaming consoles next to Dreamcast & the NES :)


Always wanted to try Indigo Prophecy after playing Heavy Rain!


In for Tales of Legendia :)


I think I'll split bonus entries between Indigo Prophecy and Tales of Legendia.


Just going to comment for Indigo Prophecy. Thanks!


my twitter account is mentos888.... in for legendia!


Here's hoping I win!


Seems unlikely, with everyone else and their dog entering for it as well, but nevertheless I'll go for Tales of Legendia. Indigo Prophecy would be nice if that doesn't work out, though.

Twitter name: BitLooter


In for a shot at Tales!


indigo prophecy is the one game missing from my collection


id like to enter for indigo prophecy and tales of legendia


I'll compete for ssx. It was a fun game.


I'm entering just for Tales of Legendia. I'd love to have that game. Thanks for the contest!

My Twitter name is secretclean, by the way.


Am I still in time?

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