Free Stuff Friday - PAX Poster-palooza with 14 prizes


Borderlands Kickass Wet DandDOnline1-Signed With PAX Prim 2010 just around the corner, we stock of swag left over from last year - including some great posters donated by Ballardgirl1 - and thought we'd get you ready for the next event by sharing a piece of the past.

ScrapMetal SplosianMan We're taking the next week off - so don't expect any news posts or updates next week (we'll still post a podcast this weekend!). But that means you get a little extra time to enter. This giveaway closes Tuesday, August 31.

Here's what you can win (full gallery):

  • Dungeons and Dragons Online giant posters (2 different styles, one signed!)
  • Splosion Man (2)
  • Kickass (4)
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (2, each double-sided!)
  • Borderlands
  • Wet
  • Scrap Metal
  • The Claw and Fang (this is actually for a comic, not a game, and probably from ECCC - but we know most of you love comics!)

Pick your prize or play for more than one with bonus entries! Here's how to enter and maximize your chances to win:

  1. Enter a comment here, as usual. That's all you really NEED to do. 
  2. Tweet the following on Twitter: Win up to 4 posters from PAX 2009 (14 prizes!) at, home of Busy Gamer Podcast! RT + enter: #bgnfsf
  3. Review (or re-review) our Busy Gamer Podcast on iTunes
  4. Review (or re-review) the Best of Busy Gamer Podcast on iTunes. This is a short audio highlights feed with our reviews, audio tours and other timeless bits.

If you do 2, 3 and/or 4 (and why wouldn't you?), you do need to let us know your Twitter/iTunes name(s) in your comment so we can find, verify and include your bonus entries in the drawing and match them up to contact you if one of them wins. If we can't easily tell who you are on Twitter and/or iTunes, the bonus entry is disqualified.

You DO have to enter a comment here and follow the other rules to be eligible. Here's how to enter:

Simply post a comment on this page and SAY WHICH PRIZE(S) YOU'RE PLAYING FOR. (You can do the other things listed above if you want to earn some extra chances to win.) Say whatever is on your mind as long as it's not an ad or profane. Be sure to read the Sweepstakes Rules to ensure you are eligible to win and don't get disqualified by double-posting or forgetting to provide an e-mail address.

NOTE: If you play for extra chances on Twitter or by posting podcast reviews on iTunes, you still have to enter here AND let us know your Twitter and/or iTunes names so we can match you up. iTunes ratings alone do not count since we can't see who posted them, so add or update a comment! (If you already posted an iTunes review, you can still update your review once a week for a bonus entry in each week's giveaway. Just log in to iTunes and click Write a Review; it should load your existing review and let you modify it.)

You may also want to white list this domain; we've had MANY would-be winners lose out because they never responded to their prize notification! If you use TypeKey/TypePad, be sure your e-mail address will be shared. No e-mail address, no prize. (Don't worry, no one else will see it - and we'll only use it to contact you if you win.)

Note that unless you're an authenticated poster who has been active on the site and marked as trusted, your comment will NOT appear immediately. It will go into a queue for me to approve, which I'll do several times a day (except the first weekend, where comments may not be approved until sometime late on Sunday). Do NOT double-post. We'll extend the entry period for this until 5:01 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, August 31 to ensure you have plenty of time to enter and verify your entry was posted.

We also sometimes give away unannounced Instant Win prizes and podcast extras. Here are a few tips since this can happen at any time. Check our Busy Gamer Podcast on Sundays for possible hints about what's coming. 1) Follow Gamewatcher on Twitter. Before we post the next Free Stuff Bonus - Instant Win, we'll give you a fair warning tweet. 2) Subscribe to our RSS feed and set it to check for updates frequently.

We continue to stock up on cool goodies for Free Stuff Friday - and we will keep doing so as long as there's enough response, even if we continue to lose money on this site. So tell your friends about this! Hey, if we get bigger, so will the prizes that YOU could win! While you're at it, post comments wherever you see something interesting. Also, if you get a game code you don't need or have some other cool game-related prize you want to donate, we'd be very grateful (we pay for most of this stuff ourselves!).



In for the WET and 'Splosion Man posters. I absolutely adore those games :)


'Splosion Man - I feel like a deserve that poster after clearing the game's hardcore mode...and pulling out all my hair in the process!


WET and 'Splosion Man posters look great. PLaying for them.
Thanks for Burnout Revenge!


Wet and Borderlands posters are awesome.
Twitter name: Dyeknom


Awesome contest. Would LOVE the Borderlands poster, and the Splosion Man poster second.

I entered all possible ways.

twitter - @sweeneyben -

itunes - benswimming

Thanks again!


In for the Splosion Man and Borderlands posters!!


I'm in for the Splosion Man poster, 'cause it's one of my favorite games.


Count me in for the Splosion Man posters! I love me some Splosion Man!


In for 'Splosion Man poster. Loved it.


Twitter: EarthB47

I am looking to get those D&D posters.


kick butt poster for me

but any will doo



Splosion Man and WET Posters

Twitter: @Strait1337


Borderlands and Wet posters both look great.


Entered on twitter as well (rpnguyen), I would like chances to win WET and Borderlands posters


Twitter/iTunes: EspadaTiburon
Would really like the Wet one.
Thanks for the contest!


In for the D&D posters and Borderlands. I also entered on twitter as well - jrey508

Crossing fingers.


In for the Wet poster or Kick Ass poster. Entered on Twitter under @Tarantox.
Thanks for the contest


Cool contest as usual. I like the Dungeons and Dragons poster. My twitter is VeridisQuo1. I also tweeted the message.


Borderlands and Splosion Man please.
Twitter - GobStoppinMopUp


I love that Borderlands poster. I can't get enough of that game. I would look much better than the one I have of the psycho with the game being blown out of his head.


In for Splosion Man or Borderlands or Kickass Posters. Tweeted @skrammas


Playing for the WET poster.


I am a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons Online, so I'll play for those!


In for Borderlands and Kickass, twitter name is deadbodyman11.


Put me in for the Borderlands and/or Wet poster(s)


In for the Wet poster!!
twitter name: 81ols


Gotta go for one of the D&D posters. I actually play and enjoy D&D online and like D&D in general. Twitter and Itunes are also OnyxPrimal and I'll be after Bonus entries this week so I can split them between the 2 D&D posters. :)


I'd love to win either the Borderlands or the Splosion Man poster. I'd prefer the Borderlands poster though.

Twitter: Revixe06


man oh man i want that borderlands poster!


I would love to win the WET Poster, it looks amazing! Thanks for the contest!


I'm in for Splosion Man and Borderlands!

Twitter: nubywootz


I will play for the Kick-Ass poster. Loved that movie!

Am also doing the twitter bonus entry on my twitter account named Touwe. I suggest that you add the hashtag #giveaway to your RT thing. Would get a lot more people in to see the contest.


Kick Ass, Splosion Man, and/or Borderlands would be perfect.


Here's hoping to win Kick-Ass, Wet, or Borderlands!


Twitter extra entry @BLbeel with both entries for the D&D posters.


1) Another contest. Excellent and thank you!
2) Twitter: BossVersion1

In for Kickass (x2).


in for the borderlands poster.



I'm entering for the Borderlands poster, thank you. =)


Tweeted: CrunchbiteNuva

I would definitely like the Claw and Fang one, but WET is cool or Warhammer


You can count me in for the 'Splosion Man poster.


I tweeted :)
I'm in for Kickass but I don't mind winning anything, really. all the prizes is nice. Thanks!


in for kick ass poster and wet! both look pretty awesome.

entered on twitter too, @Kaelestis -


I'd enjoy the Kick Ass poster. I went into this movie as a hater but the action scenes were quite incredible. Overall a damn fine movie.


That Splosionman poster, as well as the Borderlands poster are bretty neat.

Tweeted Via @KHunt_


I am in for the Borderlands poster..tnks


Would love to get my hands on the Wet poster, just recently bought the game too!

Twitter: Gxgear


Colorful poster! Kickass


Twittered for splosion man under CaptainQuiet.


I am entering for the Borderlands poster, Splosionman poster, and Wet poster.

Twitter: danielbasuel


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning poster
twitter lonexwolf606


I'd like the Kick Ass poster, please. =)


Goin the Borderlands!


In for the Warhammer poster

Tweeted @z7enZ -


In for any :)
D&D or Borderlands preferred.

Also tweeted via CSideGamer as well.


In for the Kick-Ass poster.

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