Free Stuff Friday - Mirror's Edge Studio Series Guide and The Art of Assassin's Creed


The Art of Assassin's CreedMirror's Edge bookWe recently stumbled across some great, hard-to-find hardcover art books for some A-list games.

The Mirror's Edge Studio Series Guide is a full game walkthrough with bonus content: interviews, concept art and a photo tour of Dice studio. The Art of Assassin's Creed includes early concept drawings and paintings from the original game.

Increase your chances to win or even try for both prizes with bonus entries! You may earn up to FOUR chances to win:

  1. Enter a comment here, as usual. That's all you really NEED to do. INCLUDE WHICH GAME YOU'RE PLAYING FOR.
  2. Tweet the following on Twitter: Win Mirror's Edge & Assassin's Creed art books at, home of Busy Gamer Podcast! RT + enter: #bgnfsf
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  4. Review (or re-review) the Best of Busy Gamer Podcast on iTunes. This is a short audio highlights feed with our reviews, audio tours and other timeless bits.

If you do 2, 3 and/or 4, you do need to let us know your Twitter/iTunes name(s) in your comment so we can find, verify and include your bonus entries in the drawing and match them up to contact you if one of them wins. If we can't easily tell who you are on Twitter and/or iTunes, the bonus entry is disqualified.

You DO have to enter a comment here and follow the other rules to be eligible. Here's how to enter:

Simply post a comment on this page and SAY WHICH PRIZE YOU ARE PLAYING FOR. (You can do the other things listed above if you want to earn some extra chances to win - there's a small chance you could win BOTH.) Say whatever is on your mind as long as it's not an ad or profane. Be sure to read the Sweepstakes Rules to ensure you are eligible to win and don't get disqualified by double-posting or forgetting to provide an e-mail address.

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We continue to stock up on cool goodies for Free Stuff Friday - and we will keep doing so as long as there's enough response, even if we continue to lose money on this site. So tell your friends about this! Hey, if we get bigger, so will the prizes that YOU could win! While you're at it, post comments wherever you see something interesting. Also, if you get a game code you don't need or have some other cool game-related prize you want to donate, we'd be very grateful (we pay for most of this stuff ourselves!).



In for the Assassin's Creed Book.


Both are great but the Mirror's Edge Studio Series Guide seems right up my alley. I enjoy runners more than assassins.

Twitter: NordomA


Playing for the Mirrors Edge Artbook I guess. Mostly because it includes a guide which is neat as well. Tweeted @skrammas


I'm interested in the Mirror's Edge artbook, it sure looks great!
Tweeted @tripmeter


Assassin's Creed and I tweeted @FatmanOSU


The Mirror's Edge book, definitely. And I tweeted from flak_bl.


I'm in for the Assassin Creed one


Playing for the Mirror's Edge Artbook!

Twitter: _Lord_Humongous


I'd love to get that Assassin's Creed art book! Thanks a bunch for giving us a chance to win!

Twitter: Revixe06


I'm in for the Mirror's Edge art book.
Twitter @KazerXVD


Really hope I get the Assassin's Creed book. Al Mualim will be pleased.


In for Mirr's Edge book! Tweeted @EeveeFanboy


Playing for Assassin's Creed Book!


Assassin's Creed for sure!


I've always loved Assassin's Creed's artwork, so that's what I'd want. =)


I am playing for the Assassin's Creed book!
tweeted: andrewyipgamer


Statistically speaking I have to win once eventually.


That Mirror's Edge book sure looks nice. :D


Assassin's creed! Just picked up the game and it's incredible :)


Mirror's Edge? I am so there.

Twitter name: BitLooter


I would like to play for the Assassin's Creed book, please!

Twitter: BossVersion1


Let's go Assassin's Creed!


I'm in for the Assassin's Creed art book.

Twitter name: @CaptainUrahara


Awesome! I'm a sucker for these art books. Playing for the Mirror's Edge book.

Twitter: WhipSmartBanky


GIMMAH FREE STUFF I guess the Assassin's Creed book.


Mirrors edge, that game had GORGEOUS


would like the Assassin's Creed Book!!


In for the Mirror's Edge art book with my comment entry and in for the Assassin's Creed book with my Twitter entry under the name NeoHumanity.

Thanks for the giveaway.


I would love to get the Assassin's Creed art book.


Twitter: Vashkey

I want the Mirror's Edge guide


I'd like the Assassin's Creed artbook, thank ye and good day!


The Assassin's Creed Book would be great to win. i still haven't opened my copy of ME, so I would prefer the AC book. Twitter name is UltimoRey


In for Mirror's Edge


Oh dang! this is pretty nice! Assassins Creed art book for me if i win xD


summer time another drawing


Entering for the AC artbook, thanks for these giveaways!


I'm in for the Assassin's Creed book. Never got around to Mirror's Edge... not sure I will.


I'll be playing for the Mirror's Edge Studio Series Guide.


In for mirror's edge


In for Mirror's Edge Book!



In for both! Also tweeted, twitter name is xxHellHammer


in for the assassins creed book
tweeted @aznxchunky


In for Assassin's Creed


Assassins Creed book...and also... HAPPY BDAY TO ME! BOOSH!!!

Twitter: DeaVAmp


Awesome, thanks again Gamewatcher and Busy Gamer News!

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