Tips and Tricks - How to play harmonies in The Beatles: Rock Band

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The Beatles: Rock Band harmoniesIf you've mastered previous games in the series, you can pretty much pick up and play The Beatles: Rock Band. Sure, overdrive is now called Beatlemania, but otherwise it's pretty much the same game. Except for vocals. There's this new thing called Harmonies, and it's a little confusing at first. You'd think you could just plug a headset into your guitar or drumset and just sing along, scoring bonus points for yourself or your band - but it's not that easy. The vocalist player controls all of the vocal parts, and they count toward her score. Also, you have to add mikes that register (our headset didn't when plugged into our second gen Rock Band 2 wireless guitar). You will probably need to use wired USB mikes or wireless mikes like those ones that come with Lips. This means a mike stand is pretty much de rigeur, since you can't just hold it while you're strumming or drumming.

The Beatles: Rock Band mike indicators
Two lit icons means two active mikes.
You'll know the extra mikes are working because each one lights up an icon in that section under Harmonies on the instrument select screen. If the vocalist selects Solo mode, you won't have the option. Any mike can sing any part, and will be scored according to accuracy - so don't just sing along with the lead unless there is a harmony part that matches (or you're a better singer!).

The Beatles: Rock Band vocal and harmony lines
Blue means lead vocals, orange and brown are harmonies.
Memorize the harmony parts, especially if you're going to be too busy eyeing the note charts for guitar or drums to watch for harmony vocal segments (the orange or brown parts of the vocal section; blue is lead). A solo vocalist can still choose Harmonies mode and sing along to whichever parts he wants, but you probably won't get any fabs (aka harmony bonuses) playing this way...

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