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XIIIBack in 2003 (has it really been that long?!), Ubisoft released what promised to be a ground-breaking first-person shooter: XIII. Based on the '80s European comic of the same name, this cel-shaded shooter was both fun and immersive. And if you missed out, you have no excuse - unless you don't have access to a PS2 or first-gen PS3 (back when there was backward compatibility) to play this on.

If you've never enjoyed this game, here's the setup. You awaken with amnesia. Your voice sounds oddly like that guy Mulder from the X Files. You have a strange XIII tattoo on your shoulder. People are trying to kill you. You find lots of weapons and environments, including beach, snow and night locales, to battle it out. If that's not enough, there's multiplayer. Not sold? Here's a clip that showcases the game's unique look and comic-style storytelling. I played this one straight through when it was new. They just don't make games like this anymore.

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cool game, ive seen it before but never been a fan of ps2 only games. hope i can give it a try though


This was a very underrated game! For anyone who hasnt played it, do yourself a favor and get a copy.


post post

13 here i come


here's hoping i win!


Oh wow, been a while since I heard anything about this game and I always regret passing it up.


I remember wanting to try this game, but it never got picked on the Gamefly cue before I rotated it out for something else. Would be nice to fire up the old PS2 for a bit.


I remember this game, never played it, but I always heard it was underrated.


thanks for another great contest


I remember this game, but never got a chance to play it. Would love to win it an get that opportunity.


Cool, I played the demo a while back on PC but somehow never got into this. Would love to give it another shot.


Nice, and I could actually play it on my current hardware. :-)


Let's do this thing!




I remember a long time ago I think back in 2004 or 2005 I rented this game for the gamecube and got about half way through it. It wasn't a half bad shooter however it did get frustrating at points. and if you don't win it in the contest here I recommend looking for it used online or at gamestop since the game costs about 5$ now if even that :D


This game looks sweet


dont want to win this just wanted to say how much i loved this game. the multi player was quite fun. The story was great, and the style looked perfect. I loved especially when you would head shot people with a sniper or crossbow and the comic frames would come up showing it happen. If David Duchovny's voice acting isnt in its own enough of a reason to play through this whole game well then there is plenty of other great pieces to fall back on.

spoilers (kind of)
with an end like it has though i can't believe we havent seen another in the series.


I may not have the hardware, but this would make a good gift for someone I know.


I do want this game, I heard its great!


nice, its cool to see sites doing stuff like this.


Isn't this one of those games that ended up with 1000 unsold copies on store shelves? I always looked at them and figured I didn't even want to try it if it couldn't sell at heavy discount. Though, free is the best price. :)


Like the art style. Count me in.


Considered me entered. I played the PC demo back in the day, but I never played the full game. The little I experience was very enjoyable.


I had a total blast with this game. The story was awesome, the graphics were nicely cel-sided, and the game play is tough, yet satisfying. The game ends with a cliffhanger, and as we all know, a "XIII 2" never came out due to this game having bad sales. Such a damn shame indeed.


I remember seeing this one in the stores, thought it looked cool. Never had a chance to play it though.


I think my older brother would like to have this game, too. =P


Hmmm this game looks interesting.


Looks like a cool game


I come across this in game in bargain bins often. I would definitely give it a try at the price of free.


I LOVED "XIII". I thought it was interesting and unique and, above all else, fun to play. I'm upset that it didn't sell well enough for a sequel, since the ending (like far too many game endings) is a cliffhanger, but I was still a huge fan. Perhaps the best $4 I've ever spent on a game.


I always wanted to play this game.


let me tell you something about XIII. The movie was long and bad. and long. don't get me wrong.. it was really really long. I can't emphasize how much it dragged. I heard the game was great. I rented it once played for about 30 minutes and it was pretty good. Then exams started so I never got to play any more.


I like when older games that went mostly unnoticed are given away, it gives people a chance to play and enjoy games they otherwise wouldn't have. Thank you for doing these Free Stuff Fridays!


Great game, hope to be a winner.


Hope to win! Love it!

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