Free Stuff Friday - PopCap Peggle and Chuzzle Pack

PopCap Peggle and Chuzzle PackThis week's Free Stuff Friday is for the casual game fans, or those hardcore gamers who are self-actualized and secure enough in their sexuality (whatever that might be) to admit that Peggle isn't just for grandmas even if it it is cute as hell. (And, hey, grandmas can enter too!)

That's right, we've secured some PopCap swag - and it's the good stuff:

  • A limited edition Peggle Master medallion with stand (close up picture). The back says Peggle Nights Master and has an angry version of the unicorn with lightning bolts. You know you want this! I should ask for proof that you beat Peggle, but you're on the honor system. Only 450 of these are in circulation!
  • Chuzzles. These are the fluffy little mascots that PopCap staffers throw out into the audience or award as prizes when they give talks or stage events. Alas, I have never won one. So I bought some. If you win this pack, you'll get 4! What, you've never played Chuzzle?! Try the free online version - after you enter!
  • Peggle poster with the slogan "Your brain on Peggle" (wide picture)
  • Peggle XTRM FVR bumper sticker
  • Peggle letter "P" sticker (same logo as the iPhone game icon)
Here's how to enter:

Simply post a comment on this page. Say whatever is on your mind as long as it's not an ad or profane. Be sure to read the Sweepstakes Rules to ensure you are eligible to win and don't get disqualified by double-posting or forgetting to provide an e-mail address.

You may also want to white list this domain; we've had several would-be winners lose out because they never responded to their prize notification! If you use TypeKey/TypePad, be sure your e-mail address will be shared. No e-mail address, no prize. (Don't worry, no one else will see it - and we'll only use it to contact you if you win.)

Note that unless you're an authenticated poster who has been active on the site and marked as trusted, your comment will NOT appear immediately. It will go into a queue for me to approve, which I'll do several times a day (except the first weekend, where comments may not be approved until sometime late on Sunday). Do NOT double-post. We'll extend the entry period for this until 5:01 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, June 18 to ensure you have plenty of time to enter and verify your entry was posted.

We also sometimes give away unannounced Instant Win prizes. Here are a few tips since this can happen at any time. 1) Follow Gamewatcher on Twitter. Before we post the next Free Stuff Bonus - Instant Win, we'll give you a fair warning tweet. 2) Subscribe to our RSS feed and set it to check for updates frequently.

We continue to stock up on cool goodies for Free Stuff Friday - and will keep doing so as long as there's enough response, even if we continue to lose money on the site. So tell your friends about this! And post comments wherever you see something interesting. Also, if you get a game code you don't need or have some other cool game-related prize you want to donate, we'd be grateful (we pay for most of this stuff ourselves).

Hey, if we get bigger, so will the prizes that YOU could win! Check back each Friday to see what's next.



I love Peggle! :D


Oh gamer Swaq, how you have no hold no value to anyone but to gamers you're priceless.


Peggle is amazing...but I have memories of being stuck at 74 of 75 challenges completed... that 10 random one got me for 2 months, then finally I got it and I can smile.


This would be great to win. I love peggle!


Cool, those Chuzzles and the medallion looks sweet.


Peggle is awesome!


^ This guy loves peggle =D


Love Peggle! I'm so in.


They should make a Peggle/Chuzzle crossover game called Puzzle.


Good luck to everyone, would love win some of this stuff.


sweet, peggle is so amazing. this would be awesome to win


Peggle is an okay game! I haven't played the whole version ( just the demo) but I liked it! And if i win the Peggle Master medallion, then yes. I did play AND beat the game. Good luck everybody.


Everyone loves Peggle.


My friend loves this game, I am sure he would like this for
His birthday


Looks like fun!


awesome, i honestly would love to win this. I have been wanting to win the popcap prize pack from playing bejeweled blitz on facebook for months now to get some of those chuzzles


Never have played Peggle before. It would nice to have :D. Thanks for the giveaway


Go Lakers!


I wish they would bring Chuzzle to the 360 or to the iPhone.


I'm not a grandma, but I like Peggle!


I love Peggle! This looks sweet!


Holy cow, my mom loves that Chuzzle game. I never got into it myself, but she'd love one of those Chuzzles.


It was nice of Xzibit to put Peggle inside World of Warcraft...


I LOVE PEGGLE, this would be so awesome to keep on my shelf!


Peggle swag? Count me in. Loved it on XBLA, beat the main game. Those Chuzzles look cute too.


Peggle is awesome, I've beaten both games a couple times. A peggle coin would be amazing.


peggle is a fun game, would love some free swag


Peggle = sweet!! + Awesome.


Haha, Peggle swag, nice. I'm in!


A contest you say? I enter at the last minute! For great justice!


I would love to win those Chuzzles.


They should make a Peggle/Chuzzle crossover game called Chuggle.


Yay Peggle!


I love chuzzle. this room is stuffy. who writes the yellowpages??

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