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Red Ring of DeathAfter two and a half years, we've had another Xbox 360 die. For the record, with two 360s in the house, we have seen:
  • Two Red Rings of Death
  • A video card failure
  • Frequent freezing
  • A faulty DVD drive eject button
The first Red Ring incident happened just a few days after launch in 2005. Microsoft replaced that unit, which revealed the content license issue that last week Microsoft corrected, albeit inadequately. Then, last year, the replacement failed when its video card stopped working. It was repaired under warranty, but I'm guessing they didn't bother installing a heat sink.

Meanwhile, also last year, we finally gave in and had the other launch 360 repaired due to incessant freezing since launch (probably due to overheating) but no Red Ring of Death. It was fixed, but came back with a faulty eject button which we never bothered to get it re-repaired since we can open and close it with a remote - though it's on our to-do list.

We're actually going to hang onto that one for now, since the other replacement/repaired-once-already 360 died tonight unexpectedly with three red lights blinking rapidly. The only clue I had that there was any problem was when Grand Theft Auto IV hung during a mission load screen this afternoon for more than 5 minutes. I finally ejected the disc, cleaned it and put it back in. It seemed fine after that. But when I turned it back on this evening, it didn't come back up. Well, it will load without a hard drive attached, but the support person said it's done for and to send it in.

You know it's bad when they offer to let me ship it in my own box instead of insisting I wait for them to send me an authorized shipping container. Fortunately, I saved one of their cardboard coffins from last year.

So it looks like I might have a chance to see how the Xbox 360 transfer process works, assuming they replace the console. Not that I'm looking forward to manually redownloading 800+ pieces of content ranging from Rock Band songs to Obliviion mods and (mostly free) gamer pics, themes and videos. But it would solve the problem of having to wait for a year to buy a console after consolidating my licenses.

Here's hoping the other 360 can hold out three weeks without going all Red Ring on us. Heck, I'll just be happy if it can survive through my 40th birthday this weekend.




Happy Birthday! Granted I know some people frown upon their 40th. Oh the woes of the 360. I have a 2005 launch I had to have my DVD drive replaced last year, since it wasn't a RROD I have to pay out of pocket. But other than that is has been solid. I know I don't have to say it, but keep us updated. I have considered getting a new Xbox and giving my old one to a friend who doesn't have one. I have not heard as many horror stories about the Elites… Have you?

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