First Impressions - Halo 3

Me as Master Chief in Halo 3I'm only a few hours into the Halo 3 campaign, but wanted to share some initial findings:
  • Gameplay is what you'd expect from a Halo game. Getting used to reloading weapons with the right bumper (instead of X) is tricky. I'm tempted to swap the mapping. But then it will get confusing when I dual wield.
  • Story seems better overall, though I'm only two missions in. Your marine buddies seem pretty extraneous and generally invulnerable, unlike past installments where they'd die and leave you worse off if you didn't protect them. The good news is that you can just worry about yourself. Need to hide while your shields come back up? No problem. Just let your comrades take care of themselves.
  • Wandering off the main path a little on the second mission, I stumbled on a hilarious in-game cameo from two of the Red vs. Blue guys. Great stuff!
  • The load screen seems out of place. It's this weird blue swirling animation. Kinda takes you out of the game.
  • The in-game films feature works for Campaign mode (as well as multiplayer), but it doesn't seem to save your films from past levels. I went back to capture a great moment from Mission 2, but instead found that I only had a 28-second clip from the start of Mission 3. Lame! I have 70GB of free hard drive space. The game should let me set how much space I want to devote to my locally saved films. [UPDATE: The game hides past films on another screen - press A on the currently selected Film to get there. It looks like it will save 25MB before deleting old ones. You can mark any films you want to retain by pressing X on the selection screen. The game also won't let you rewind or capture film clips during Campaign mode since it loads the game in segments. It does seem like you should be able to rewind and save clips within a single load segment, and even skip back and forth to earlier and later segments. Future feature?]
  • I got the Legendary edition, and the "cat helmet" is very cool (though it won't actually fit on a cat). It's bigger than you'd expect and comes with its own logo'd dustcover. None of my discs were scratched, but if yours are damaged be sure to return them for an exchange or take Microsoft up on their warranty.
I haven't played any multiplayer yet, but based on my beta experience I expect this to be nothing short of awesome. I like to savor the Halo series, so it may take awhile for me to complete campaign mode. Over the next few weeks, I plan to play around with the Forge editor/sandbox and try to earn my Sergeant stripes in multiplayer...



The in game films do save past levels. So far I am on level 3 and have 2 50 min films. Simply go to theater and click FLIM: "current level" then a sub menu will come up with recent films. From there you can choose to save them permanently.


Disregard comment, I didn't see your update. I agree that lack of a rewind is poor mistake.


Yeah, it took me a day or so to find those older films. The interface there just isn't intuitive.

I imagine Bungie rushed some of these features out the door, and I'd expect we'll see title updates in coming months that refine them.

On the one hand, it's amazing that these things work at all. On the other, we're spoiled by Tivo and expect them to function a certain way. When they don't, they feel broken.


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