Xbox Live Marketplace - Stranglehold demo, and much more

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This week, Microsoft continued to fill up our Xbox 360 hard drives with downloadable content - most notably:
  • Demos for Stranglehold, Eternal Sonata, and Fatal Inertia (free)
  • Track and Field ($5)
  • Blue Dragon Shuffle Dungeon ($5), which changes each time you enter, and which you need to be near the end of the main game to access
  • Band of Bugs Red Kingdom with ten new levels and two new units ($3.13)
  • Carcassonne Rivers II Expansion Pack ($3.75)
  • Soltrio Solitaire Game Pack 5 ($1.88) with Steps, Streets, Sultan and TreFoil
  • Yet another flurry of Rumble Roses XX costumes ($1 each)
  • Game Videos: Madden NFL 08 (several, including ads and tutorials), Surf's Up , Wing Commander Arena (all free)
  • Themes: Madden NFL 08 ($1.88), Puzzle Fighter HD ($1.25 each), UFC ($1.88), Anime ($1.88 each) and Balls of Fury (free)
  • Picture Packs: Band of Bugs ($0.63), Medal of Honor Airborne Axis and Allies ($1 each), Puzzle Fighter HD ($1.25), Surf's Up ($1.50), UFC Fighters ($1.25), Anime ($1 each) and Balls of Fury (free)
  • Comic-Con daily wrap up videos (free)
Still no sign of the BioShock demo. Wonder if it will be locked down as an Official Xbox Magazine exclusive for a month or so, like they did with Eternal Sonata and Beautiful Katamari. Speaking of which, apparently OXM will soon be offering an alternative to their famous Disc, so if you don't read the magazine you'll be able to download this content from Marketplace for $2.50 (a savings over the $25 magazine subscription price ONLY if you don't buy it every month). There are rumors that the disc will be dropped from the magazine altogether, but they've been dispelled for now...

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