News Flash - Microsoft: Still no solution for migrating purchased 360 content

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In a new video interview, Microsoft completely downplayed the issue of transferring purchased content co-owned by a dead or outmoded Xbox 360 console to a new Elite or replacement 360 provided by customer support. Microsoft's Albert Penello demonstrates the new one-time transfer process from a 20GB to 120GB hard drive and then notes that "licensed content like movies and arcade games are attached to both your console ID and your live ID, and when you're moving that content to a new console, you have a new console ID. So, in order to access that licensed content, you're going to need to be logged into Live."

"Practically speaking, you don't unhook Live, you've got Live in all the time. So you'll probably never notice that anything's different," Penello added. "But there are a handful of people who might have a unique scenario where they're not logged into Live."

In other words, the promised solution for this problem won't actually be forthcoming until it affects more than a "handful" of people. To recap for those new to this issue, here are some of those "unique scenarios" where you can't enjoy purchased add-ons (including map packs), Arcade games and TV shows:
  • You visit a friend, relative or LAN party where there's no broadband
  • Your Internet service goes down or you can no longer afford it
  • You move and are awaiting broadband
  • Xbox Live is down for maintenance
Another important note: If you buy an Elite, it does not come with the transfer cable - but Microsoft will supply it free if you ask (1-800-4MY-XBOX). During the time you're waiting for the cable to arrive, continue to use your old 20GB hard drive since any data stored on the 120GB drive will be overwritten when you do the transfer.

Here's the full video, which includes a demo of the transfer process:

Video: Xbox 360 120 GB and Elite Migration

In other, more positive Xbox 360 news, there were two solid Xbox Live Arcade games released this week: Eets Chowdown (adapted from the fun PC casual game with hundreds of puzzles and a new, addictive multiplayer action game mode) and Pinball FX (a superb pinball title with realistic physics and three tables). The games are $10 each, and both promise future downloadable content (puzzle packs and new tables for a little extra scratch, no doubt). Other new Marketplace downloads include:
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance hero and villian packs packs ($6.25 each, or $10 for both) and video promo (free)
  • New Alien Hominid HD PDA level pack ($1.88) and picture packs ($1.25 each)
  • Tetris Evolution backgrounds ($1.25 each) and skins ($1 each)
  • BioShock theme ($1.88) and picture packs ($1 each)
  • Gears of War COG tag location video guides ($1.25 each) - or you could find the same information for free
  • Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars theme ($1.88), picture pack ($2) and video (free)
  • Tenchu Z video (free)

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