April Fools' Round-up - Gender Wars, WoW tinfoil hat and WiiHelm

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In addition to my own little contribution (inspired by the Wii interface article I'm finishing up and vow to post any day now!), there were a few decent April Fool's jokes played on the gaming community this weekend:
  • Guild Wars temporarily changed the gender of its players' characters
  • QuakeCon claimed they had given up FPS gaming for seismology
  • Wizards of the Coast announced a new role-playing game based on Monopoly
  • Blizzard introduced the tin foil hat for stylish World of Warcraft players who want to be "safe from mind spies and the thought police"
  • Second Life altered its load screens with silly messages, such as "Teleporting to preview of Second Death"
  • TeamXbox.com reported that Sony was recalling the PS3
In one of the more convincing entries, ThinkGeek promoted the WiiHelm - a helmet for your Wii-mote that lets you play games by nodding and twisting your head - complete with video demo:

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Wouldn't the wiihelm be completely doable if you just taped the remote to a helmet?

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