Wii Bit of Trouble - Wi-Fi Errors

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Wii ShopMany Wii gamers trying to get online via Wi-Fi have been thwarted by some 5-digit errors (51330, 52130). What's funny is that often the Wii system updates will download fine, but try connecting a minute later to accept the User Agreements for Wii Shop and you'll be denied. Here are some tactics that may help you solve the problem:
  • Make sure your router is on the list of supported hardware
  • Update your router to the latest firmware
  • Reboot your router
  • Switch your router to broadcast on channel 1 or 11
  • Adjust your router settings to allow both 802.11g and 802.11b, if supported
  • Avoid using microwave ovens, cordless phones and other 2.4GHz devices while connecting
  • Move your router closer to your Wii or use a repeater to extend its range
  • Change the MTU setting to 1400
  • Manually configure your router with your Wii's MAC address
  • Assign a manual IP address, DNS servers, etc.
  • Spend $35-45 on a Wi-Fi USB Connector for your Windows XP PC (sorry, no Mac version yet)
  • Wait for the Wii LAN Adapter (due in January)
For what it's worth, switching my D-Link router to Channel 11 and then rebooting it worked like a charm. Good news: Once you get online, there are four new games waiting in the Virtual Console section:
  • Alien Crush (Turbografx) - $6
  • Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Genesis) - $8
  • Gunstar Heroes (Genesis) - $8
  • Ice Hockey (NES) - $5

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