EB's Xbox 360 allotment: 40,000

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Xbox 360EB's Xbox 360 allotment: 40,000
After all of the hysterical reports of Xbox 360 launch day shortfalls, I checked up on the status of my two orders - one for me, and one for Grrl Got Game. I learned some interesting stats from EB that I thought might interest folks who may be in the same boat:

  • EB accepted 75,000 preorders but is only getting 40,000 units on launch day. That's for both online orders and all of the bricks-and-mortar stores. It's not clear how many of those are going to the Web site store's launch bundle fulfillment.

  • My store in Seattle is getting 45 units but accepted 98 preorders. My order was originally 74th when I placed it back in early August (and I was told then that they'd get at least 75), but I've since dropped down to 67 due to cancellations. I'm now being told that my order will be filled 5-7 days after launch. EB is also waiving their 48-hour hold policy for any games or accessories that might arrive earlier, so I can wait and get them all when the console arrives.

  • My order with ebgames.com, placed on August 23 within an hour of the launch of online pre-orders, is actually expected to arrive via FedEx on Nov. 22 - even though my order status page states an expected ship date of 12/1/2005. Customer service reports that all orders placed before Sept. 5 will ship at launch. By the way, any online orders placed after Oct. 26 aren't expected to ship until 2006.
So I'm actually one of the lucky ones. Rather than join the midnight madness party with the lucky souls who had the forethought to place their orders right after E3 back in May or June, I'll sleep in and then head out to the front porch around 9 a.m. with a steaming cup of coffee to wait for the delivery driver - just as I did for the original Xbox launch.


UPDATE: I did some sleuthing and found a recent news report that states there are 2280 EB stores - at least before GameStop shuts some of them down in the wake of their recent merger.

The 40,000 number may seem large but, assuming at least 5,000 units are reserved for the online store, that means the per-store average would be about 15 Xbox 360s per store - with some getting more and some getting less. Since there are no doubt hundreds of smaller stores, that means a few metropolitan stores could score maybe 40-80 units if some shops in the suburbs and the sticks get a measly 5-10.

If EB had received the original order of 75,000 and, again, we subtract 5K for online sales, there'd be an average of 30 per store.

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