Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesOriginally envisioned as a VR game that engages the people not wearing the virtual reality goggles, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is out now for Samsung Gear VR in the Oculus Store and coming out for PC via Steam (where VR is optional) on Oct. 8.

There are also plans to support additional VR headsets including the recently announced PlayStation VR (formerly known as Project Morpheus). 

The premise of the game is simple, lifted from hundreds of action movies and TV dramas: You've discovered a bomb but have no idea how to defuse it. Your buddies have the bomb manual but they need you to describe the bomb so they can find the relevant steps and guide you.

You can get a taste for how playing this ultimate party game can go if you listen to the end of this short but sweet interview from PAX Prime 2015.

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Castle StoryCastle Story's tale is fraught with drama. One look at the Steam Early Access reviews and you'd probably run screaming.

But the game seems solid for a voxel-style building game with both exploration and strategy elements, and the developers explain why the game hit some speed bumps but how they plan to get it back on track in coming months for a formal release n 2016.

Even if you're not one to dive into the Early Access pool, this is a game to watch if you enjoy a blend of Minecraft contruction and castle defense. You can also blow up your creations (quite possibly with co-op buddies), which is kind of the point of building them in the first place, isn't it?

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Rock Band 4 wireless adapter for Xbox One We revealed from PAX Prime 2015 that Xbox One users buying Rock Band 4 who wish to use legacy Xbox 360 instruments would need to purchase an adapter.

As reported in our podcast interview with Harmonix from the show floor, the wireless protocols for Xbox One are different from Xbox 360, so instruments will not be able to communicate natively with the next-gen console. PlayStation 4 apparently has no such limitation.

We now have more details on how this works:

Up to 4 wireless Xbox 360 instruments are supported via the optional wireless adapter, which plugs into an Xbox One's USB port.

USB microphones work directly with Xbox One. It appears that wired guitars and drums may not work at all. Keyboards are not supported in Rock Band 4, so they won't work.

MadCatz, the maker of this adapter, has posted a compatibility list and detailed FAQ.

The adapter is available to pre-order now:

  • Adapter with Rock Band 4 game is $80 (Amazon, Best Buy)
  • Adapter by itself (for players wanting a digital purchase of the game) is $25 (Amazon) - UPDATE: Use code "RB4ADAPTER" at checkout to get it for $10

This will likely appear at other retailers, including brick and mortar stores, but for now that's all we've found.

Digital pre-order of Rock Band 4 is now live on and includes 12 bonus tracks. It's $60 - no price break - so the disc bundle is the better deal. We're going all digital on this one only so we won't have to go hunting for this disc each time we want to rock out, but we have a lot invested in Rock Band including hundreds of DLC songs - most if not all of which are due to be ported over by the game's October 6 launch date.

Busy Gamer Nation #236 - Hob

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HobRunic Games is known for their Torchlight franchise, but their next game breaks the mold on past endeavors.

Hob is a puzzle platformer with a free range of movement (no more being tethered to pre-assigned paths) and boasts no dialogue, just a mysterious premise that plays out visually.

And the visuals are amazing, even in the early stages. This steampunk world will no doubt consume us when it comes out, probably in 2016, for PC and at least one console to be named later.

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Busy Gamer Nation #235 - Gigantic


GiganticIf you like team multiplayer games in the style of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (aka MOBAs), Gigantic may the free-to-play game for you when it releases on Xbox One and Windows 10 this year. We spoke with the game's story editor (yes, there is a story!) at PAX Prime 2015.

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If you want a code for the closed beta happening now, we have a few to spare. The first four intelligent comments on this post will get one. Just make sure you supply a valid email address when you sign in. Oh, and you'll need an Xbox One or Windows 10 PC.

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The Magic CircleThe Magic Circle is perhaps one of the most meta games to date. You play as a gamer in an unfinished game, one that's been considered vaporware for 20 years. It's your job to take control of the situation and finish making the game from the inside.

What started as a joke amongst three AAA developers (whose credits include BioShock and Dishonored) has became a reality. The game is out now on Steam and coming to PS4 and Xbox One as soon as the developers can finish porting it.

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Fallout Boy welcomes you to PAX Prime 2015Our 12th PAX featured some small improvements and many impediments.

It's the first year in many that we weren't granted media access (most niche media and smaller outlets were cut this year to make room for more exhibitor badges). This meant that we had a harder time than usual securing access to talk, on the record, with AAA title developers or even PR reps. Booths are staffed with exhibitors who are there to talk you through their games, but the second you ask to record they clam up.

What was more frustrating: the consistent runaround. First we'd be told we could talk to someone, and then hop three or more times to the next person in the booth who was supposedly authorized for media handling only to be ultimately told: No you can't record anyone here.

On top of that, Bethesda Softworks - while having probably the largest booth at the show - did not have playable Fallout 4, Doom, or Dishonored 2. Highlights of past shows were playable demos of their predecessor games, but clearly Bethesda thinks they'll sell just fine without the word of mouth. There's also the risk that 50,000+ people descending at once on one corner of the expo hall would have triggered a collapse, so maybe they did us a favor. We did empty our wallets at their store, more than once. And scored nifty masks like the one pictured above.

All that didn't stop us from playing many games of all stripes and sizes, and sharing out thoughts on them. But our podcast coverage is primarily indie this year with a few notable exceptions.

Sorry folks, we tried. (You know we tried.)

But we still found some amazing and fascinating stories. We'll be adding lots of podcast links over the next few weeks as we edit and post them, as vigorously as we can, so we can get to expanding the I Love Bees Definitive Edition (more on that below).

There were many highlights of PAX Prime 2015. Here's our full report:


Rock Band 4 main stageRock Band 4. We've nearly always had a lot of fun at the Harmonix booth, particularly when there's a new Rock Band to kick around.

They're also one of the more media friendly AAA gaming companies, and they spoke with us about some of the new features, new songs, how DLC carryover from last gen works, and the issue with Xbox One digital preorders.

Apparently your Xbox 360 instruments, at least the wireless ones, will need some sort of adapter to work on the Xbox One. You heard it here first!

Gamewatcher tried the guitar but didn't get the hang of freestyle (despite the handy instructional chart). Apparently it can take a few rounds to learn but then it'll be easy.

Either way, it's more Rock Band and we're eager to get our hands on it!


Mad Max boothMad Max. Before you get excited, this is NOT based on Fury Road, or any of the other Mad Max films. It's a sandbox game with an original story that evokes key elements of the Mad Max series. The lead character doesn't look like Mel Gibson, but we're not really seeing Tom Hardy in there, either.

We both played Mad Max and enjoyed it for different reasons. Gamewatcher dug the car combat and GrrlGotGame loves punching bad dudes. So yeah, we're getting the game. Best PAX moment: GrrlGotGame blew up a Mad Max boss in a way no one else had done while misogynists who'd been dissing girl gamers flailed at their own demo stations.

The cars have lots of customization options, and the brawling mechanics seem easy if you've played any Batman - but there is fun to be had on either path. We just wish they featured Furiosa. Maybe next game?


Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft: Story Mode. We all love Telltale's quirky story-driven games (dating back to Sam & Max) but this visit to their incredible booth was (primarily) for our 12-year-old, The Pikachu Fan. He totally geeked out over the game's Minecraft lore but we all enjoyed the tale of a boy and his pig trying to get to back to Endercon (in the final game you can play as a girl if you prefer - take that, Ubisoft!).

We won't spoil the story but there are zombies and other baddies from the sandbox game for you to fight and choices to make that will yield "<fill in the blank> will remember that." Our son got into a debate with Telltale staff on whether their games had karma elements, but it was off mike so you'll just have to imagine how that went. Fortunately, we still recorded many great details to hold you over until the game's release.

  • Episode 1 is due before Thanksgiving for almost any platform you can think of
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


Assassin's Creed: SyndicateAssassin's Creed: Syndicate. We are seriously on the fence here. On the one hand, the gameplay looks like something out of an action movie with exciting cross-town chases where you jack a carriage, GTA-style, and then battle enemies on the top of a moving train. And there's the matter of the long overdue female protagonist, who - alas! - you can't play the entire game, just selected chapters (something a bit less than half the time from what we've heard). Still, baby steps, right?

On the other, the demo left us wanting more - as in something different. The last few chapters of the Assassin's Creed saga haven't grabbed us like the first 2 or 3 did, and we're not sure we're ready to dive into Syndicate.

Pre-order denied. We'll be waiting on the reviews for this one, and probably a sale.

  • Launches Oct 23 on PS4 and Xbox One, and Nov 19 on PC
  • Sorry, no podcast interview


Rise of the Tomb RaiderRise of the Tomb Raider. The short review here is that, based on the demo we played, this is simply more Tomb Raider. If you enjoyed the last one, this is more of the same. Climbing, shooting, running, jumping, and some mild puzzle solving. And it looks fantastic.

The demo featured mostly climbing at the start, so when it was time to shoot something to unlock an area we forgot we were even armed. Fortunately there's a new hint system: If you push in the right thumbstick, the game will highlight where to go next. You may still need to figure out what to do there, but at least you'll know where to go. The demo also cut most of the combat sections to speed us to the big finish, so we're looking forward to shooting more baddies when this comes out in November. You will need an Xbox One to play it, at least for the timed exclusivity window (the length of which has not been revealed).

  • Releases Nov 10 on Xbox One
  • Sorry, no podcast interview

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. We are big Plants vs Zombies fans but never got into Garden Warfare, the FPS multiplayer battle game. On a lark, we tried the demo for the sequel, where you get to play as the zombies (instead of the usual plants) and overcome wave after wave of flora.

We actually had fun using our individual specialized abilities and armed turrets to decimate the barrage of vegetation controlled by AI. A round lasts about 10 minutes, so it's easy to enjoy in short bursts.

Not sure if there's any single-player worth playing - but if team games are your thing, this felt solid.

  • Releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2016
  • Sorry, no podcast interview


I Am BreadI Am Bread. This is one of those quirky games we couldn't pass by, especially when there was little to no line. Alas, the wonky controls ensured that we struggled to keep our bread edible on its long journey to toast itself. That's right, you play as a piece of bread that's hellbent on preparing itself to be eaten. Now this game isn't new; it's been on Steam for months, and I toyed with the idea of picking it up there. But we usually play our games in the living room, so a console release seemed a better match.

Having played it - barely managing to succeed in overcooking hisself to a disgusting mishmash of toast coated in dirt, eggshells and ants - Gamewatcher suspects this might play better with touch controls on iOS, where it just launched as well. This is a game where tapping and swiping should lead to fewer falls in the muck, but by all accounts all of the various versions are wrought with tension. Because you might fail to become toast.

What a weird game. Not to say that's a bad thing.


Lego Dimensions platform baseLego Dimensions. We played this game twice, both times opting for the Portal-themed adventure because... well, I don't think anyone tried anything else at PAX. Every time we passed the booth it was Portal on every screen, all of the time.

The game is... interesting. You place various characters and vehicles made of Legos onto special base platforms that, like Skylanders and Disney Infinity before it, get scanned into the world of the game. There are spots where you're supposed to modify an item - like upgrading the Batmobile with blocks - but it's all subterfuge. All you really need to do is acknowledge the brick adjustments on screen and then place the item on the platform. The game doesn't know if you actually made any changes to it.

Anyway, GrrlGotGame and Gamewatcher took a first pass, and barely got to enjoy it since the short demo period meant our station host had to walk us through every step to keep within the time limit. We figured very little out for ourselves, and had little fun as a result. There are lots of little puzzles that involve placing the right item on the right section of the base at the right time and using certain characters' powers to advance the story. As usual, you collect bolts (which seem a bit out of place here - can we please end having all Lego games score you on bolt collection?!).

Pikachu Fan took a pass at the game too, and after making it through the same levels in record time declared that we don't need to buy this one, even on sale. After playing with Legos for years and collecting many Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures, this is a ringing un-endorsement.

  • Releases Sept 27 for PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One
  • Sorry, no podcast interview


Kitty DisastrousKitty Disastrous. This charming tale of interspecies love is still in the very early stages but promises to a fun whimsical romp that both adults and kids can enjoy. You play a purple kitty that has fallen head over paws for a ferret. Tragically, the ferret falls through the roof into a shop just moments after they meet... and it's up to kitty to save the day.

Anyone who has lived with a cat can predict what happens next: Everyday objects are destroyed. Dangling items are attacked. Fake mustaches are acquired. (Yes, really.) Mice – scratch that. We'll let you discover what the mice do for yourself. The developers hope to have a finished game ready to show by next year's PAX. We can't wait to see what disasters kitty causes next.

  • Release is still to be announced; likely for PC and at least one console in 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


MekaZooMekaZoo. This puzzle platformer is vividly hued with a neon glow, which is one way to stand out at a busy show like PAX.

The demo we tried had you play as a high-jumping frog and a fast-rolling armadillo (think Sonic). Several other animals will be in the final game including a panda, wallaby, and pelican.

The action was fast and fun, using your creatures' skills to access hard-to-reach places. You swap characters as needed, and landing in cannon-like structures shoots you into new sections to explore.

We didn't try multiplayer but there's a co-op mode in there too. Might be a fun one to enjoy together in the living room.


The Magic CircleThe Magic Circle. This is a truly odd experience. You're playing an unfinished game and, rather than wait for the developers to finish it, you take on that task yourself. It's very meta, majorly geeky, and created by developers of AAA titles you've actually heard of.

We won't steal the thunder from our podcast interview, but this may be one of the more interesting games you check out this year.



How To Survive 2How To Survive 2. GrrlGotGame is a major zombie game fanatic, and she's on the fence about this one largely because it's... well, it's in the third-person. She generally prefers her zombie bashing to be up close, personal, and in the first person thank you very much (with the exception of the Dead Rising series). The level she played, set in New Orleans, was also pretty light on zombies, perhaps by design or because it was an early prototype. That said, she doesn't know that she would have survived if there were many more of them.

This game seems to be more about the atmosphere and puzzles than how many undead can you kill. GrrlGotGame spent a great deal of time just wandering around, killing a zombie about every 20-30 seconds while trying to figure out where to go next. When she entered a building, the walls would go translucent, allowing her to see in without following her character too closely. It was kind of a neat effect.

One thing that impressed us is the developer's devotion to pleasing its fan base, which has been enjoying the first How to Survive game for some time now. The Steam forum for that game is being used to collect suggestions for the sequel.

While the game isn't a perfect fit for our personal zombie bashing tastes, we're planning to give the original How to Survive a shot on our Xbox One (free at the moment for Gold members) before the sequel arrives on Steam Early Access ... just in time for Halloween 2015.

  • Releases Oct on PC via Steam Early Access; other platforms to be announced
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


GiganticGigantic. This enticing third-person action game is actually a distinctive entry in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre.

There is no single player - instead you team up or get matched up with four other players, each with their own special attacks or skills that evolve throughout a match against another team of five. Likewise, your mission objectives shift as you explore the large brilliantly colored worlds of the game.

If you have an Xbox One and/or Windows 10 PC, you can sign up for the closed beta now.


Keep Talking And Nobody ExplodesKeep Talking And Nobody Explodes. What started as a VR game is now coming out on Steam for gamers with or without a virtual reality headset.

The concept is ripped from most action movies. There's a bomb set to blow up and someone has to walk you through the steps to defuse it by whispering the steps in your ear.

Only the people helping you are wading through complex instruction manuals to help you dismantle the random puzzle traps. You describe what you see, they find the right details - you hope.

Will KTANE (as it's abbreviated) take off as the next big geek party game? Time will tell. But if you ever dreamed of cutting the red wire with 0:07 seconds left on the clock, this might be the game for you.


HobHob. From the makers of Torchlight comes a game that diverges from their core action RPG comfort zone. Essentially a puzzle platformer (and a striking one at that), the game drops you into a strange steampunk realm that you must explore to uncover its mysteries.

There's no text or dialogue, just a story that unfolds via the action of the game itself. There is combat, naturally, but the game is more about discovery.


Knight SquadKnight Squad. It's been a while since we've found a party game that really appealed. Knight Squad definitely fits the bill. It takes basic concepts that we've all played (capture the flag, soccer, etc.) and adds a hack-and-slash flare. Up to four "knights" (points for including pink and purple options!) can battle it out using standard issue swords or souped-up weapons found on the field. A personal favorite: the long-sword, a blade truly worthy of the Highlander.

The base mechanics were pretty much the same on every game – capture an item and take it to the destination (your home base, the goal post, etc.). But each map had nice variation and there was some skill involved. GrrlGotGame had a wonderful time playing, even when she was getting stomped by someone's trash-talking kid.

  • Out now for PC and Mac on Steam Early Access; releases on Xbox One in the next year
  • Sorry, no podcast interview


Castle Story

Castle Story. At first glance this looked like a Minecraft knockoff but during the interview that ensued, Minecraft didn't come up at all. It goes to show that looks can be deceiving. You do collect cube-style elements and can build whatever you can imagine but Castle Story is at its heart a strategy game.

All that said, the Steam Early Access reviews are concerning so this is, at best, a watch-and-wait game. Still, if Minecraft and strategy ring your bell, at some point this may come together.



ChasmChasm. We don't stop for every shiny new platformer we spot at PAX, but this one really caught our eye. The result of a 2013 Kickstarter, the game is more than a year late.

But it looks like it will have been worth the wait. Procedurally generated, you'll never play the same dungeon twice - unless you want to. There will be seeds, so you can sock away favorite worlds to revisit or speed run against your friends.

The game is nearly complete and will do doubt help you scratch that "Metroidvania" platformer itch.

  • Releases for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam and PS4 in 2015
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


Corpse Of DiscoveryCorps(E) Of Discovery. This looks a little like Destiny (minus the combat) with a splash of Portal (minus the snark), but deeper than both.

You explore six planets, dealing with harsh conditions and aided by an AssistBot named AVA.

The goals are a bit more existential, with self-discovery sharing narrative weight with your discovery of new lifeforms, alien history, and otherworldly stuff like lava oceans and floating islands.

If you shy away from so-called "walking simulators" and games that make you think, this isn't for you. But if you want to examine fantastical new worlds and enjoy pondering the nature of the universe, you'll want to dive right in.

  • Out now for PC on Steam
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


FutureGrindFutureGrind. Our first thought when passing by the booth for this game was Ratchet and Clank. You know those addictive rail jumping sections?

This is sort of like that, only in two dimensions and with more of a Tony Hawk feel. You grind and flip on magnetic rails, matching the color of your wheel to the track to avoid repeatedly crashing to your death.

Which you will. A lot.

  • Releases on PC on Steam and PS4 in 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


DistanceDistance. This is the successor to Nitronic Rush, a well-regarded student racer made at Digipen (available for free).

The team decided to go pro, increase the "Tron" factor, and add all of the bells and whistles including co-op, leaderboards, level editor, and even cross-platform multiplayer.

Rather than just drive, you'll jump, spin, and even fly through a futuristic cityscape that tries to destroy you at every turn. You'll boost up the sides of buildings and seek out shortcuts to not just get the best time, but survive to the end.

There's even a single-player story mode for those of us (like Gamewatcher) who are into that.


Ladykiller In A BindLadykiller In A Bind. When you walk by a booth with a garish sign title "My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress as Him and Now I Have to Deal With a Geeky Stalker and a Domme Beauty Who Wants Me in a Bind," you stop and take a look.

This is not your typical PAX game and it's not for everyone (especially not kids). But for those who enjoy visual novels with a lesbian theme, it sounds quite compelling. There are elements of dating sims with an erotic story set on a cruise ship.

  • Releases for PC and Mac in 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


Fortified! Fortified! The aliens are coming, and it’s up to you to stop them in this multiplayer game for PC. The level GrrlGotGame tried at PAX involved three rounds of alien invaders trying to destroy an Earth-bound rocket. (No explanation was given for the rocket – we assume it was Team Earth.)

Players may choose from one of four characters – three men, one woman. Points for making the woman a literal rocket scientist! It’s a basic tower defense ploy that requires some strategy when selecting a load-out.

HINT: Don’t start a level without at least one ground-to-air missile launcher. You. Will. Die. GrrlGotGame tried the same level six times with three different partners over the weekend, but only managed to beat the level once. Naturally, it was with our 12-year-old son. Which is to say, it was tough... but fun.

  • Releases for PC on Steam in early 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


Mimic ArenaMimic Arena. We don't play a lot of couch multiplayer party games but this is one of the few we might enjoy. You don't just jump and shoot, you create mimics that match your every move and can be deployed to distract and destroy while you take avoid obstacles and take out the other players.

If this sounds like your sort of game, check it out on Steam's Project Greenlight, and if you like it, give it a vote.

  • Release for PC and Mac to be announced; Steam release pending approval on Project Greenlight
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


The Rust BeltThe Rust Belt. Set in a world that looks to be somewhere between Mad Max and Borderlands, we immediately found much to love about this game. There's plenty to explore, lots of enemies to destroy along the way, and cool pickups that make demolishing said enemies even more satisfying.

Gameplay starts out deceptively easy. You drag a tow chain that grapples enemies and scrap, turning them into weapons to use against other foes and to open up new areas of the map.

Over time, you upgrade your truck, build a town that supplies you with resources, and - well - explore more of the dust bowl you call home and bash more enemies.

  • Releases for PC, Mac, and Linux in 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


Sometimes Always MonstersSometimes Always Monsters. This is the follow up to the indie story-driven and consequence-laden adventure Always Sometimes Monsters (no, that's not going to prove confusing). This is more of the same, only different.

Now you're a successful author on a book tour. The choices you make determine the outcome of your adventure. Rest assured this will go to many dark places, as the original did.

Or you could play it safe and just stay at home. What could possibly go wrong? Our guess is that something always will, but it should be entertaining and even thought-provoking no matter which path you take.

  • Releases for PC in 2016, with other platforms likely to follow
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


Through The WoodsThrough The Woods. At first glance, this is very reminiscent of Slender: The Arrival. Armed with a flashlight, you investigate a dark wooded area with folktale horror overtones. The game's creators admit comparisons are inevitable, but claim their story is deeper and more compelling. The developers, who are from Norway, modeled after Norse mythology and folk tales.

All we know is that the flashlight at night thing doesn't seem to get old, and it's usually a good play for survival horror. If you feel the same, check it out on Steam Greenlight (it's already been approved).

The demo from the successful Kickstarter campaign was pulled but a new demo is due in coming weeks (mid-September).

  • Releases on PC, Mac, and Linux in early 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


To LeaveTo Leave. This is a tricky little platformer/puzzle game. You grab onto a magical door that lets you fly but to clear a room you need to avoid many obstacles.

There are checkpoints that save some of your progress, which is good because you will fail often. Even with nerves of steel, you will - much like with that wacky doctor's game, Operation - touch the edge of something toxic and BAM. Back to checkpoint.

That said, this was fun and we're curious to see where it goes.

  • Releases for PC, PS4, and PS Vita in 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


We Are ChicagoWe Are Chicago. At first glance, this looks like something you'd see from Telltale Games but with a real world sheen. You play a black teen in the projects of Chicago trying to deal with real issues that the developers collected from true stories.

Alas, the gameplay we tried is a bit slow and plodding - mired by little tasks such as setting the dinner table - but it could prove worthwhile if it shares some of the real experiences of living in gang territory on Chicago's South Side.

  • Releases on PC in early 2016
  • Busy Gamer Nation interview incoming!


Dragon Fin SoupDragon Fin Soup. We spoke with the developers of this game two years ago, and they've come a long way since then. Back in 2013, it was all prototypes and concepts.

Now, the game is essentially finished and about to be released.

Dragon Fin Soup revolves around Red Robin (basically a morally challenged Red Riding Hood) as an alcoholic bounty hunter battling through rogue-like adventures and her own frailties. There are additional modes including survival mode and endless labyrinth.


Elan LeeI Love Bees & Exploding Kittens. You may be tired of hearing about I Love Bees (if so, we suspect you haven't actually heard it). Well, one of the creators of I Love Bees is Elan Lee, known more recently for collaborating on the Exploding Kittens card game with The Oatmeal (which we bought but haven't played yet; GrrlGotGame and ThePikachuFan are both wary of the whole dead cats premise).

We found him nestled in the bowels of the ACT Theater adjacent to the Convention Center and he seemed thrilled to hear about the Definitive Edition. We’re going to work with him on expanding the extras.

We're already cataloguing some amazing early versions of scenes and other audio that's never before heard before unless you worked on the project.

Stay tuned, and if you haven't tried I Love Bees:


That's our PAX Prime 2015 coverage in a nutshell. Check back as we post and link up the remaining podcast interviews, and then watch for more I Love Bees!

Rock Band 4 freestyle guitar solos - cliclk to enlargeThis is the first of our Busy Gamer Nation reports from PAX Prime 2015.

Rock Band 4 is the new version of the popular rhythm band game for the current generation of consoles. It's due out October 6 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Harmonix' Eric Pope told us about some of the game's new features including the freestyle guitar solo (see chart at right for details; click to enlarge). We're still trying to make sense of it, but apparently you'll catch on after a song or three.

We also learned how the last generation DLC will carry over (perhaps not all at once) and what the hold up is on Xbox One digital preorders.

You can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes or our own RSS feed.

More PAX Prime 2015 coverage is on the way!

I Love BeesI Love Bees is one of the best stories we've ever experienced. If you're a gamer who professes a love for story, you need to check this out. It's not a game per se, but it's a tale woven expertly into the Halo universe.

It's also damned long. To make things easier, we've compiled all of the little files - 52 in all, not counting bonus features - back into the 12 chapters its creators collected onto DVD for the lucky few who received one.

You can download I Love Bees Definitive Edition directly from our RSS Feed or get it from iTunes. We recommend using a podcast app since these keep your place in long-form audio better than most music players.

We've also released our full podcast audio review here and on iTunes. It opens with the audio trailer (which you may have already heard if you checked out our teasers) and tells several of the I Love Bees stories, including some fascinating highlights from an alternate reality game panel discussion shared by Story Forward Podcast (details in the show notes below).

I Love Bees Definitive Edition features three small but important changes to the story structure:

  • Chapter 5: We switched Rani and Jersey's sections. There's an announcement at the wedding Rani attends that delivers a piece of dramatic news, which is mentioned much more matter-of-factly when Jersey learns of it.
  • Chapter 10: It didn't make sense for the heroes to plan their plans before we're introduced to how Rani got involved. So once again, we put Rani before Jersey.
  • Chapter 12: The ending just doesn't feel right with Rani. This is Jersey and Durga's moment, and there is much revealed in their segment. This is how the story should end.

In addition, we added the Operator's Epilogue, where Melissa talks to the people who participated in the viral marketing scavenger hunt that revealed - piece by piece - the story of I Love Bees. And there are four deleted scenes that were rightfully cut, but still add some interesting details for fans of the series.

We spent years conceiving of this Definitive Edition, but once we had a plan it came together fast. We took the best audio we could find and remastered it to a higher bit rate than 2004's Internet pipes could readily handle. You'll hear things you couldn't before (unless you had the DVD), and we packed it into a podcast feed so you could more easily enjoy it and keep your place while exploring its depths.

Our hope in doing this is that we will reinvigorate interest in I Love Bees as a tale worth experiencing in the best form we could make it. Perhaps its creators will dust off the source files and make us a 5.1 mix with even more bonus materials. Until that day, we hope this Definitive Edition will suffice, pleasing your earholes with a tale of a makeshift family, thrust together by circumstance, defying odds and betrayals, peppered with humor and pathos, to reach an inevitable and unforgettable conclusion.

Show notes

All credit for I Love Bees goes to 42 Entertainment and Microsoft.

Action music in the audio trailer is from

ARG conference audio with I Love Bees creators Elan Lee, Kristen Rutherford, Sean Stewart, and Jim Stewartson is courtesy of Story Forward Podcast. Check out their full segments with I Love Bees creators and I Love Bees players.

I Love Bees Definitive Edition Promo ButtonFor years, we've wanted to celebrate one of our favorite videogame stories - one that didn't actually appear in a videogame. I Love Bees was a viral marketing campaign in 2004 designed to promote Halo 2.

There are several interesting stories to tell there, and we'll get to that - but for now all you need to know is that, at its heart, I Love Bees was an incredibly well-produced radio-style serial.

We have assembled what we're calling I Love Bees Definitive Edition, which is a remaster of the audio from the highest bit-rate source we could find with an epilogue, deleted scenes, and a few minor tweaks to optimize the story.

We'll be releasing both the new, improved version of the audio odyssey and a companion podcast that tells its stories and celebrates our love for it in a meaningful way. You can expect that in a day or two.

For now, we have:

Audio trailer - this positions I Love Bees as an action movie story, complete with the inevitable "In a world…" trappings you'd expect. It's funny and includes a few of our favorite I Love Bees moments. It's also short: just 3 1/2 minutes.

Spoiler-free samples. We've been sharing these out on Twitter and Facebook for the past week so you can get a taste for the improved audio quality and the story and characters:

Enjoy these for now, share the ones you like, and get ready for the full experience!

Marvel Puzzle Quest

We've been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest (available on iOS, Android, and Steam) for nearly two years now, and for the most part it keeps getting better and better. D3 Go and Demiurge have taken the stellar puzzle RPG dynamic from D3's earlier Puzzle Quest games and added new layers of strategy with Marvel-themed stories and quest lines.

There's even a social aspect as players can team up in alliances and communicate in private chat rooms.

Alliance chat

If you're just starting out, here are some things you should know to help you learn the ropes and really enjoy the experience:


Hero Points for sale

It's free - sort of

While technically "Free to Play," Marvel Puzzle Quest constrains key resources to drive you to spend money. You earn these awesome-looking comic book "covers" for free that deliver different characters and powers.

Roster slots aren't cheap

You build up your roster of characters by winning and unpacking the tokens that randomly deliver these covers. But roster slots - i.e., places to store your characters - cost an increasing number of Hero Points, which can be hard to come by.

You'll get a certain amount just by playing the main story quests, and even more if you participate in Tournaments and Versus events. But make no mistake, if you stick with this game you'll eventually break down and put in $5 or more to accelerate your collection of roster slots.

It would be nice if they provided a price break at $10 - that would be a great tip for a solid game - but it jumps from $5 to $20, and $20 is just a little steep especially when you're starting out.

The game recently became much more generous in granting Hero Points, so $5 may actually be enough these days to get over the "my roster's overflowing" hump.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't spend Hero Points on anything but roster slots. You will never collect all of the game's characters as it is, and wasting points on other things like upgrades and health kits only slows you down and fills your soul with regret.


Starting roster

Build solid teams

When you start out, you'll get Iron Man (Model 35) and soon collect Black Widow (Modern), Storm (Modern), and Hawkeye (Classic). Build them up to full strength because together they make a great starter set. Someday you'll sell off all but Iron Man (he's the sole 1-star character worth keeping long-term and the only character you'll need to beat the 1-star challenge in Deadpool's Daily). You'll get through the main story quests fine with these four covers (plus whatever else you pick up along the way): Black Widow's ability to freeze enemies plus Storm's elemental attacks are pretty powerful, and add either Iron Man's power attacks or Hawkeye's strategic strikes to mop up most enemies in the early rounds. After the main story, you'll dive into Tournaments, which last from a couple of days to a week and are best played with an Alliance (more on that in a bit).

By this time, your power trio will probably be Magneto (Marvel NOW!), Storm (Classic), and Hawkeye (Modern). Magneto's purple Polarity Shift attack will give you blue tiles that can be placed to create Critical tiles, which do tons of damage and kick off Hawkeye's devastating Speed Shot attack. Plus the blues can power Storm's even more devastating Wind Storm, which freezes a selected enemy and damages all active opponents. Stack a couple of those, and you can win almost any battle while taking little to no damage.

Eventually you'll develop some good secondary teams - such as Thor (Marvel NOW!), Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel), and Black Widow (Original) - that you can use when your primary heroes are resting. There are many more great combinations. Experiment to find your own, and share them with us all in comments!


Healing characters

Health packs come back

Speaking of resting heroes (and stuff I wish someone had told me when I started), you can also hoard Health packs but it's not recommended. That's because Health packs regenerate over time whenever you're below five of them. So use them to jump right back into the fray anytime your favorite heroes will take more than a few minutes to heal. Health packs are restored every 35 minutes until you max out at 5 - so when they run out you may need to take an hour or so break, or choose your B-team and keep going.


Covers expire, tokens don't

Hoard tokens and Iso-8

Initially, you'll be inundated with tokens (which give you covers) and Iso-8 (used to level up your roster) but you don't have to spend it. You can collect 99 tokens before maxing out, so let them pile up! Until you redeem them, they won't expire - just spend some each time you get close to 100.

Once spent, characters will expire in 14 days if you don't find a roster slot for them. If you play tournaments, it's a good idea to hang on to covers you don't have a space for just in case they become Essential (i.e., required for a particular battle, usually one that's easy and delivers better-than-average rewards). When this happens, you may opt to trade a lesser used character or reviled team killer (looking at you, Sentry!) for someone who suddenly has at least short-term worth.

Convert any covers you don't want or need before the expiration date to Iso-8, which does not appear to have a cap. I once saved up 100,000 Iso-8 just to see if it maxed out, and it didn't - at least not there. Perhaps it stops at 999,999, but odds are that you'll never keep that much lying around. Once you have an expansive roster and start playing Deadpool's Daily, any Iso-8 glut you have will be gone in a hurry.



Know your enemy(s)

There are two types of battles in Marvel Puzzle Quest. You're either fighting Grunts (ranging from mafia to soldiers and even ninjas), who do not make moves, or Characters (sometimes paired with Grunts) who do get moves.

Either way, if you don't know your enemy's powers, you're at a disadvantage. Take the time to explore the enemy's attacks and defenses, and keep an eye on their Action Points (AP) to see when they have enough of a particular color to use a power. If you have a power that saps their AP, you can sometimes use this to your advantage. For instance, when fighting with She-Hulk you can repeatedly use her Green power to reduce the enemy's largest AP stash before an attack can even be unleashed.

If you're fighting Grunts, you don't have to worry about setting up a great 5-in-a-row match for your enemy to steal. You can map out your next move to devastating effect, but you need to keep an eye out for countdown tiles that will wreck your plans. I tend to divide up identical enemies (e.g., two Soldiers paired with a Hitman), taking one of the twins out first so it's easier to determine who owns a particularly nasty attack. Then I can focus on taking that enemy out before his or her attack can go off.

When playing against Characters, you're trying NOT to set up a great next move and hoping that your enemy (whose AI is pretty dumb and misses all but the most obvious matches) sets you up with a great combo.

Finally, there are multi-wave battles that have enemies waiting in the wings to take the place of a fallen comrade. These can have up to 5 stages, so it's a good idea to reserve your best powers until they're really needed. Grunts can often be cleared just with careful matching, letting you save your powers to paralyze Characters before they can even make a move.

At the start of each battle, it's important to take a moment to orient yourself and select the right strategy. I can't tell you how many times I've wrecked a great next move for myself before realizing that I back to fighting Grunts, who could not possibly have taken advantage of it. In multi-wave battles, you need to be prepared to survive a marathon (not a sprint) and anticipate the appearance of overpowered Character enemies by having AP reserved to neutralize them quickly.

Since battles in Marvel Puzzle Quest aren't timed (except when playing in tournaments that are about to end), you can typically plan your next move without the pressure of a twitch game. Use this to your advantage to really evaluate your options when tasked with a difficult battle and a board that has several different potential moves.


Alliance Awards

Alliances for the win

Join an alliance to socialize and get free stuff. Your alliance's cumulative score in a tournament earns prizes for everyone in the alliance.

Just be careful - some alliances enforce quotas and will kick you out if you don't deliver. As a busy gamer, you probably don't need that stress in your life. Find or create a group that plays for fun and occasionally kicks into overdrive when a significant group goal is within reach. If you create a group, you may want to make it private so that you don't get random join requests. There is a chat room for each alliance, so random people could lead to random chatter. Our group is full up at the moment but if they lift the 20-member limit, hit us up. (It used to be 5, so it could happen!)



Team-ups and Boosts, what's the difference?

In the beginning, there were Boosts. They max out at 30 per type, so you can hoard up to a point and then spend them somewhat generously when needed. You typically use them to overcome a tough battle that seems stacked against you by granting bonus damage for criticals, or giving you a leg up with some key AP to power your best attacks or defenses at the start of a battle. Boosts can be stacked for additional power, though they are generally capped to maintain some semblance of game balance.

Then the developers tinkered with the formula, adding Team-ups. These are sometimes won at the end of battles against characters (chosen from among the characters you defeated). You can select them and then use them or not in a battle. Unlike Boosts, which are modify your pre-battle state and are thus burned when you choose them, Team-ups remain in your inventory if they are not needed.

Team-ups are capped at 20 total (they don't stack like Boosts), and managing them can be tricky. You have to go in right before each battle and delete any you don't want, just in case you earn a new one (rather, than, say offering the option to trade a crummy one out at the end of a battle). Also, you can share Team-ups with players in your Alliance. It used to be that you couldn't use them for a spell once shared, but to encourage widespread sharing the developers removed the penalty so you can share up to 5 in a day without losing access to them yourself. Shared Team-ups get a timer that must run out before they can be given again, but you can still use them regardless.

You can mix and match Boosts and Team-ups, but you can only have three different ones active at a time - so choose wisely. Any unused slots are randomly filled from your available Team-ups.

I personally avoid Team-ups except as a last resort to help win a battle that's too close to call but could be lost with one unlucky move. As a result, I have plenty to share but have to frequently prune my collection - keeping only those that are really useful to me in a tight spot.



The Facebook connection

You don't have to connect your Marvel Puzzle Quest account to Facebook, but there are advantages if you do. First, your game progress is backed up so if you ever have to reinstall, you won't risk losing your roster. Second, you can send bonus items such as tokens, boosts, and Iso-8 to friends who also play. Just be sure to check that your friends are really playing. In Facebook, they look like those annoying help request notifications but they are really bonus items being transferred to your friend's game. But if your friends only linked up the game and haven't played much, they may think you are spamming them.

If you have more than one mobile device, you can use the Facebook connection to link your devices and sync your saves. It's a little harrowing since the interface and FAQs aren't super clear, but it appears that your second linked device will only load the progress from your first linked device. So make sure your primary game is backed up, and then - after you complete the tutorial on your second device - you can go to settings, select Facebook, and Load your first device's progress. After that, your progress should be sync'd after every battle regardless of device. And, alas, no - at this writing there's no way to sync between PC and mobile games.

I personally think tablet is the way to go. The game plays great with a large touch screen. Playing on most phone screens is a nuisance, but it may be a good way to keep up with your game or kill a few minutes (and super villains) while on the go. The Steam game is great too, but you're locked to playing on your computer, which isn't the ideal place to grind while watching TV or riding on public transportation.



Don't get too attached

Major game mechanics in Marvel Puzzle Quest have changed several times over the years, and no doubt will again. Character powers get rebalanced from time to time, so your favorite attacks will lose their punch. Commiserate in your Alliance chat room (if you have one) and then get back in the game. Despite many severe shifts in gameplay, it remains one of the best puzzle games ever. Get over it and keep playing.


Deadpool's Daily

The rich get richer

One of the biggest problems with Marvel Puzzle Quest is that when you start out, the deck is stacked against you in Tournaments. You often need Essential characters to get scores high enough to win the Essential character cover being offered as the ultimate reward, so people who missed out last round will generally miss out this round too while people who won last round will get an extra stripe for their rare character.

But it won't always be that way. You will eventually catch up and have a shot.

Deadpool's Daily gives you good odds of winning semi-rare characters and Hero Points with Taco Tokens, so do this as often as you can. You can then earn extra stripes for them (once you have Dat Required Character).

Versus is another avenue for winning rare characters, but you have to pick your battles with care. Also, once you play a Versus battle, you'll get challenged yourself and loses will eat away your rewards progress.

Just hang in there, and eventually you'll find yourself on the receiving end of this game balance inequity. At least some of the time.

And when you're not, well, hopefully you're having fun and won't mind too much.

The Order: 1886Wrapping our PAX Prime 2014 reports is The Order: 1886 - out today for PlayStation 4. One of the more compelling shooters we've laid our hands on, it neatly blends historical fiction with some wicked cool weapons.

Learn about some of the design decisions that shaped this interesting game.

You can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

This is at long last the final entry in our PAX Prime 2014 coverage. Next up: We have some surprises in the works, some of which have been on the back burner for a very long time. Stay tuned for awesome content you won't find anywhere else! 

Boo Bunny PlagueBoo Bunny Plague is one of those crazy games that you see on the PAX show floor and either dive right in or run screaming. As usual, we dove in and received a fun interview with the game's audio director and singer/songwriter, Bunny. And, yes, he is the voice of Bunny in the game.

Best of all, you can sample some of his crazy soundtrack - which bounces between rock, rap, and even opera - before plunking down $2 for the game on Steam ($3 if you want the soundtrack and digital comic; hint: you do!). 

You can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

This is the penultimate entry in our PAX Prime 2014 reports. Read our full PAX impressions. We're finishing up the editing on our final interview, The Order: 1886.

Rebuild 3: Gangs of DeadsvillePerhaps one of the most family-friendly zombie games, Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville captivated our 12-year-old at PAX. He got a chance to swap strategy with the game's creator, Sarah Northway, while we learned about the series that he's enjoyed at school on various free game Web sites.

Available now on Steam early access, the game is due for a 1.0 release soon and a mobile release to follow.

As always, you can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

This is another in our continuing series of PAX Prime 2014 reports. We're finishing up the editing on our last two interviews! Watch for them soon, and read our full PAX impressions now.


One of GrrlGotGame's favorite shooter series is Saints Row, so we made a beeline to the Deep Silver booth to check out the new standalone Gat Out of Hell story expansion. We were both drawn to the visuals of Johnny Gat flying about with demon's wings.

We also heard about Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, a next gen update to the popular fourth installment of the series. In less than 4 minutes, you can get the scoop on what makes these games so damned hot.

As always, you can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

This is another in our continuing series of PAX Prime 2014 reports. We're finishing up the editing on our interviews for The Order: 1886 and more - read our full show impressions now, and check back for more podcasts.

That Dragon, Cancer

One of the most emotional podcasts we've ever produced: Our interview with daddy/developer Ryan Green about his forthcoming game That Dragon, Cancer examines why we need shared experiences to release our emotions when dealing with loss.

The game just reached its Kickstarter goal, but there's still time (four days at this writing) to back the game, get a copy at launch, and maybe even provide your own message or artwork to be included in this cathartic creation.

No matter what your choice, we hope you'll spend a few minutes getting to know Ryan and his late son Joel's story. It's an easier journey to make than you might think, and might just change your life.

As always, you can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

This is another in our continuing series of PAX Prime 2014 reports. We've also recorded interviews for Boo Bunny Plague, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, The Order: 1886, and Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville - read our full show impressions now, and check back for more podcasts.

GrrlGotGame was most excited to see a large Dead Island presence at PAX Prime this year. Swatting down zombies with sharp blades is her life's chosen work, and few games do it as well as Deep Silver's continuing franchise.

Escape Dead Island - out now for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 - left her cold. The combat we previewed wasn't polished, and she spent most of her time dodging attacks rather than diving in with weapons blazing. Gamewatcher was curious about the story, stealth, and sleuthing but not enough to plunk down $40 for a last-gen release.

On the other hand, Dead Island 2 scratched our collective zombie apocalypse itch nicely. Set in sunny California, the emphasis on co-op at first put us off but the reveal that it's optional and single-player remains a personal choice lessened our concerns. We both enjoyed our time in the game, which is rare when it comes to zombified fare. Preview it now, and look for it in 2015 on PC and next-gen consoles.

As always, you can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

This is another in our continuing series of PAX Prime 2014 reports. We've recorded interviews for That Dragon Cancer, Boo Bunny Plague, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, The Order: 1886, and more (read our full show impressions and check back for more podcasts).

Never Alone was quite the eye-catching platformer at PAX Prime 2014. A young Native American girl and an artic fox battle the elements and environment (playable alone or co-op) to explore themes important to the Native American culture that spawned this story now told in an interactive format.

Dig beneath the surface, and Never Alone is more than a pretty videogame, due out Nov. 18 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam (with a Mac version also on the way).

The tale of how the game came to be is quite interesting all on its own. In less than 7 minutes, you can learn all about how the Alaska native Iñupiaq art and stories of Kunuuksaayuka developed in partnership between the Cook Inlet Tribal Council and developer E-Line Media delivered this amazing work.

This is another in our continuing series of PAX Prime 2014 reports. We've recorded interviews for Escape Dead Island, Boo Bunny Plague, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, The Order: 1886, and more (read our full show impressions and check back for more podcasts).

As always, you can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

As you'll know if you read our State of Busy Gaming 2014 piece, we're finally getting into Steam games. (Yeah, late to the party - but not so late that we don't have 400+ titles and some cool recommendations.) One of the side effects of this particular obsession is the extra codes you accumulate when buying irresistible bundles.

So here is your chance to score some great games, some of which we've talked about on the podcast!

Gone HomeShadow ManSystem Shock 2

  • Shadow Man (PC/Mac). Two codes = two winners! This third-person action game was one of our favorite dark titles on the usually chipper and bright N64. Seriously, there's some sick stuff in it - but it's pretty great if you're up to playing through. It was also one of our top nominees for a reboot in an early Busy Gamer Nation podcast.
  • System Shock 2 (PC/Mac/Linux). This is the progenitor to BioShock, and quite awesome. If you haven't played it, here's your chance!
  • The 7th Guest (PC/Mac/Linux) and The 11th Hour (PC/Mac). These games come as a set - so win one, you win them both. While a bit dated by today's gaming standards, the puzzles are fun and the acting is hilariously bad. Listen to our review of the iOS version of The 7th Guest for a taste. The music alone is worth the trip (and it's in our Steam music library so we're guessing it's included).
  • Gone Home (PC/Mac/Linux; Humble Indie Bundle gift code includes soundtrack). Billed by some as a "walking simulator," we'll take this kind of action (or lack thereof) any day of the week. It's compelling storytelling with mood you could cut with a knife.
  • I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream (PC/Mac/Linux). This is in our backlog but it's a classic horror title. You know you're curious!
  • Gunpoint (PC/Mac/Linux). Not scary per se, but a neat action puzzle game.
  • Papers, Please (PC/Mac/Linux). Not so much scary as horrifying. This instant indie classic has you step into the shoes of a customs agent and what you see (and must process) may give you sympathy for people who really do this sort of thing for a living.
  • Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine (PC/Mac/Linux). A heist game best played with friends.

Here's how to enter (and get some bonus entries!):

  • Post a comment here. SAY WHICH GAME(S) YOU ARE PLAYING FOR, IN PRIORITY ORDER. That's all you really need to do. Make sure you use a real email address. (Don't worry, we won't send mails to you unless you win, and it won't show on the site.) You may also want to white list this domain; we've had MANY would-be winners lose out because they never responded to their prize notification! If you use TypeKey/TypePad, be sure your e-mail address will be shared. No e-mail address, no prize.
  • For an extra entry, post a real comment elsewhere on the site. Our ongoing PAX Prime 2014 coverage is a good place, but any post will do. Look around, enjoy the sights and sounds.
  • Tweet this for another bonus chance to win: Win spooky Steam games from Busy Gamer Nation, the original Free Stuff Friday: - Winners selected Sunday! #BGNFSF

We will draw the winners Sunday after 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. So be sure to enter at least once by then!

Please don't double post. Your comment might need approval (probably not) and it's very likely NOT to appear until you refresh the page properly (our site has a weird caching thing going on).

We do sometimes give away real prizes (the kind you get in the mail) and unannounced Instant Win prizes. For instance, we have some PAX Prime swag we're compiling into prize packs, and these are always very coveted yet you'll likely have decent odds since we're a reasonably tight-knit community. Also, your activity here might just inspire us to make that giveaway happen. Your sincerity and passion may ignite ours. So give it a little spark!

Here are a few tips since Instant Wins can happen at any time (plus you'll want to know the next time we invoke Free Stuff Friday). 1) Follow Gamewatcher on Twitter. Before we post an Instant Win, we'll give you a fair warning tweet (or the giveaway may be entirely on Twitter). 2) Subscribe to our RSS feed and set it to check for updates frequently.

Pig Eat Ball is one of those games you'd probably pass by on the way to seemingly more interesting fare at PAX Prime 2014.

Fortunately for you, we dug below the surface and found that there's more than meets the eye with this interesting party game based on the improbable premise: What would happen if Ms. Pac-man gained weight with each pellet that she ate?

The answer is a surprisingly fun party game that's vying for your love on Steam Greenlight right now. Or, you could just buy it direct and get immediate access to the most recent alpha build of the game - level editor included.

Your call. Also, there's the matter of the vibrating and flashing seatpads we, um, enjoyed at PAX. Listen to the podcast to learn how you might enjoy them too.

This is another in our continuing series of PAX Prime 2014 reports. We've recorded interviews for Never Alone, Escape Dead Island, Boo Bunny Plague, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, The Order: 1886, and more (read our full show impressions and check back for more podcasts).

As always, you can download Busy Gamer Nation on iTunes, Zune, or our own RSS feed.

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